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Bloggers Can't Stop Talking About Us!

From the beginning, word-of-mouth has been the driving force behind the Miracle Blanket. When we tell somebody how great the blanket is, they assume we're biased and it's all just a gimmick. But when somebody has a great experience and tells their friends and family, that's when people listen.

The internet, especially blogging, has made a whole new avenue for this kind of word-of-mouth growth, and we're proud to be the most talked about product of our kind in the 'blogosphere'.

Here are a few blog entries to show you what we mean. If you don't believe what we say about the Miracle Blanket, then maybe you can believe what other parents like you have to say.

Oh Happy Miracle
Miracle Blanket- It save lives.

Remember in this post when I mentioned my good old friend, Miracle Blanket? I cannot tell you new mama’s or mama’s-to-be how incredibly, insanely bad you need this present sent from God! I’ve been meaning to do a review about this, but one o

Baptist Blog
Natalie’s Baby Blog – Kendall Arrives!

We also used a product called the Miracle Blanket while we were in the hospital to calm Kendall when she was inconsolable. It really is a miracle; it’s easy to use, soft and really does what it claims to do. When Kendall would come to us sometimes

Christie and Kyle Craddock
What A Wonderful World: The Miracle Blanket

t is indeed a miracle. I'm laid up today with Mastitis (a horrid breast infection), so Kyle is at home with me giving me some much needed time to rest. I have a few spare minutes, so I thought I would write about the more important things in life,

Craig & Beth
Miracle Blanket - I was a skeptic

Okay, I admit it, I was a skeptic. Beth said she'd ordered a "miracle blanket" for Grace to help our swaddling of her. Anyone who has a really young one, knows that swaddling is critical for them and for you. I thought our swaddling was pretty good a

The Schmitt Family Blog
Haley's Stats - 2 Weeks

You sleep well when you are swaddled in your Miracle blanket. You haven't liked to be swaddled in your Woombie. I think its because you can move your arms in it. When you are in your Woombie you grunt a lot while you are trying to get your arms free

How a Poem Happens
How a Poem Happens

What is American about this poem? In some ways, “Miracle Blanket” is about consumerism—and what’s more American than that? When we had a baby, I was floored by the amount and range of products out there that companies tried to convince us

Hitched Together
It's a Miracle!

First let me say that Hudson and Brayden are great sleepers. They have been sleeping through the night since they were 6 weeks old—thanks to a strict routine/schedule, the Miracle Blanket (AMAZING AMAZING! Everyone must have one) ...

The Smiths in South Bend
A New Mom's Top Ten

Miracle Blanket - Maryn has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old, and I give this blanket all the credit. It's the only swaddle blanket that actually keeps her swaddled all night. What will I do when she outgrows ... -

The Guillot Family
Yay! The nursery is done!

Her lovey, super soft minky blanket (I LOVE MINKY ANYTHING), her coming home outfit, and Miracle Blanket which Allie could not live without for the first 6 months of her life and I ordered asap when I found out I was pregnant, ...

Smiths in South Bend
A New Mom's Top Ten

7. Miracle Blanket - Maryn has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old, and I give this blanket all the credit. It's the only swaddle blanket that actually keeps her swaddled all night. What will I do when she outgrows it? ...

Tatum Family
10 Things Ed. 23: Surviving the First 3 Months

We started with Miracle Blanket, switched to the Swaddle Me, then switched back to the Miracle Blanket as she got stronger & could break out of the SwaddleMe. I would say–pin those arms down! I don’t think swaddling will be very successful with s

Young Act Foolish Be Happy
Stay Young. Act Foolish. Be Happy: TGIF...a new way

We picked up a little treasure called a Miracle Blanket. You heard of it? You have an infant that's not sleeping? Get this. Get this quickly. It will save your life. Best $25 I've ever spent. It's the most perfect swaddle blanket meant ...

Back to the Quarry
October Series Month: The Miracle Blanket

I don't remember where I heard of the Miracle Blanket. But I do know that when we found out we were pregnant, it was going to be a staple item. So much so that it was one of the very first baby purchases we made. I contest now that it was one of t

Bedspreads Coverlets
For once, the word “MIRACLE” is appropriate!

I must admit that in the past I haven’t had the best luck with products containing “miracle” in their name. However, this blanket is the shining exception!

Bed Spreads Coverlets
Truly, truly a MIRACLE

We searched online for actual “Swaddling” blankets and based on reviews, chose this one. WHAT AN UTTER MIRACLE. We are in such debt to the dad who created this! Our son is now 12 weeks old, and we use this for each nap and for nighttime ...

Miracle! Blanket!

So I decided to try this thing out. Boy howdy, I wish I'd bought fourteen, and I wish I'd done it a year and a half ago. It's amazing. And a much less painful process than using a regular blanket. If you are expecting a baby, I command you to buy one

Tiny Green Mom
Miracle Blanket

Many pediatricians recommend proper swaddling to soothe fussy babies. However, swaddling a screaming, unhappy baby can take some practice, and that is where the Miracle Blanket® comes in! This innovative swaddling blanket makes it super simple to s

The Burgess Clan
Miracle Blanket...the Gift of Sleep

Anyone who has ever owned and used a Miracle Blanket knows exactly what I am talking about! This blanket is truly a MIRACLE! Just a side note, those Swaddle Me blankets made by Halo are nothing like the miracle blanket! ...

Triple the Mom
Miracle Blanket

She was always getting her hands free which in turn woke her up. No more though not with the miracle blanket. The only downfall to the miracle blanket is that it only comes in one size. I swaddled my daughters until 6 months old, they were too big fo

5 Star Family
Product Review – The Miracle Blanket | Five Star Family

This baby straight jacket has certainly earned it's name! We started facing a repeat problem several weeks ago…our beloved collection of swaddle's was just not ... Five Star Family - http://5starfamily.wordpress.com/

Purchase Blankets
Baby Swaddling Blanket – Blue |

I have NEVER reviewed a product before in my entire life, but I feel so passionately about this product that I could not not review it. My son was born six weeks premature and we were having a HORRIBLE time getting him to sleep once we came home from

Suzannes Word Processing
Suzanne's Wordal Processing: Smoothie Hour

Suzanne's Wordal Processing: Smoothie Hour The Magic Bullet and the Miracle Blanket. The Miracle Blanket is keeping me sane and helping little Jacob sleep well. I just love how both of these things have titles that make me thing the creators were

Loving My Life
Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket truly is the gift of sleep. We have the Swaddle Me Blankets, which Dustyn loved and Carsyn loved too, but he always, always got his arms out and in turn that would wake him up. Then I was sent the Miracle Blanket. I tried it out

Emily's Hollow
Should I Get Him An Agent?

My friend John sent us a Miracle Blanket before Xander was born, and I remembered this at 2AM last night. It saved my life, that blanket. It allowed the both of us to sleep for nearly 2 hours straight! ...

Our Mommyhood
The Miracle That is The Miracle Blanket

Gunne Bear LOVED that thing. No really; he loved it. Swaddle = Sleep in our house, with our swaddled baby clocking in at 12 solid hours a night by 10 weeks of age. Unwrap even one arm, though and he couldn’t sleep for 12 minutes. We swaddled whe

Miracle Blanket

The miracle blanket might be one of the best inventions ever, along with the Internet, penicillin, ice cream and tempur-pedic mattresses.

Way About the Huletts
The Miracle Blanket

My friend across the street here swears by The Miracle Blanket. What?? It completely wraps the child up and keeps their arms from flailing about and puts the slightest pressure on the abdomen to help them sleep. ...I ordered my own The Miracle Blanke

Inventor Spot
The Miracle Blanket Makes Baby Swaddling A Cinch

New parents know the frustration of trying to learn to swaddle a baby. The Miracle Blanket was made to end the mystery and allow every new parent to be an expert swaddler. ...

Simple Mom Reviews
The Miracle Blanket

Since purchasing the miracle blanket my little Owen has not only SLEPT better... but over all has been a lot more content. He is on a great routine and I really give this blanket much of the credit. Not all babies like to be swaddled... but if you

Andy Rowell
Miracle Blanket helps babies birth to 4 months to sleep

The Miracle Blanket is definitely worth trying. In the hospital, the baby is swaddled when going to sleep. This is serious swaddling but helps the kid not jerk and wake themselves up. It is definitely worth trying if your baby is not sleeping well

The Miracle Blanket

I really thought I had the swaddle down but she managed to wiggle out of that thing within minutes. And then wake up & start crying. I went online to find a solution- couldn’t I just add some velcro to this blanket we stole from the hospital (Sh

Ask Design Mom
Preparing for Baby

I’m pregnant with baby #2 and thought I’d throw my must-have sleeping item out there… the Miracle Blanket… its almost like a little strait jacket blanket for your baby, but it is truly a miracle! I found that my son quickly wiggled his way ou

Boston Baby Mama
Can't Live Without: Month Four of Motherhood

4. The Miracle Blanket: The most aptly named product out there! Our little houdini baby could get herself out of any swaddle, and therefore was waking herself up during the night and naps. Enter the Miracle Blanket! This swaddle pins down your babies

Keeping Up With the Connerleys
Top 5 (Plus 1)

This is BY FAR my most beloved (yes, beloved!) baby product. Ellington always needed to be swaddled to sleep, but as she got older she always managed to get out of a swaddle...even though I got really good at it! When she got colic a tight swaddle wa

Missives From Suburbia
Missives From Suburbia: Suburban Obsessions #963 Baby Must-Haves

It Ain't Called a Miracle Blanket for Nuthin' - I know, I know. You learned to swaddle in the hospital. I know. Someone gave you some other swaddle blankets. I know. I'm telling you, I've been there. I can wrap a mean baby burrito with ...

New Baby Products Reviews
New Releases Baby Products: #1. Shop For Miracle Blanket

This is the one baby item I couldn't live without! I started using this with my baby when she was 2 1/2 mo. old and she immediately started sleeping 9-12 hours a night and has continued to do so. My first child NEVER did that and I used traditional s

Rookie Mom
Rookie Mom 101:Can I get a Swaddle?

This little gem is a miracle blanket and should be on top of your Christmas lists this year if you have a precious newborn. It was just what Moo needed to get her through the night. And through the night I mean ALL night long. ... Rookie Mom 101 - h

Six Toompi
The first at many catch up posts.

When she is tired and ready for bed we simple wrap her in her "miracle blanket" and pop in her binki. It's pretty comical really, she doesn't even protest one bit she just instantly closes her eyes and is asleep. ... toompi - http://sixtoompi.blogsp

The Bump
Miracle Blanket Success!!!!

Used it last night and DD slept from 1am-6:30am. I feel like a new woman. I have used it before, but skip it on occasion to clean it. This is the longest stretch of sleep we both have gotten since she was born!!!! I will be buying a second one to

Miracle Blanket

I hope I dont jinx myself for saying this now, but I bought Louis a Miracle Blanket last week, and every night he has been in it he's woken only once in the night. He had been going down at 10, then up at 1, 3 and 5..... since using the blanket I

Heather anne Newman
Back home blog: 23 days in, people!

We have been perfecting the "5 S's", which are essential baby calming tips from this great book, The Happiest Baby on the Block" and our other saving grace is the Miracle Blanket, which is a swaddle blanket that has saved our lives and given us some

Some of our favorite things

I can't believe I have not mentioned this yes, but the Miracle Blanket is pretty much the only swaddle blanket that worked at our house. If you are swaddling or plan on swaddling your baby I HIGHLY recommend this magic blanket! ... The Sassy.Silly.S

Morgan Territory
It's a Miracle!

Morgan Territory: It is a miracle! By Morgan Territory The Miracle Blanket, that is. We decided to put it into action last night. We had used it with Morgan starting fairly early and it helped her sleep better and longer. It swaddles them up good

Mike and Katie
The Magic of the Miracle Blanket

Once we figured this out, we began wrapping her tightly in a Miracle Blanket, holding her firmly so she can't even turn her head and patting her vigorously on the butt. We try do this very soon after she finishes eating so she says calm ... Mike and

Marlie and Mommy
The Swaddling Trials

The Miracle Blanket. ($29.95 on company web site. disclosure: I won this in a giveaway). 100% cotton. Pros: made of lightweight cotton, video demo on website. Cons: lots of material, expensive. Verdict: This bunting is considered the Cadillac of swad

Mommy Bug
Roll with the Punches

The Miracle Blanket became my best friend in one night flat when Little Bug was 6 weeks old. Little Bug had been waking often in the night and wasn't sleeping peacefully. The very night I started swaddling her in the Miracle Blanket she ...

Molly Jo Rose
Mapmaker of the Human Condition: Great Baby Gifts

The Miracle Blanket: Seriously, this swaddling blanket is awesome. My husband calls it a baby straight jacket, but he will admit that our son loves it. For those opposed to it, remember, babies are not like us. ...

Modern Style Mama
Friday favorites: The Amazing Miracle Blanket

Until my cousin introduced me to the MIRACLE BLANKET. It truly did help my son stay wrapped and asleep longer. It is like no other. I literally was able to keep him wrapped until he was 8 months old. If that doesn't convince you, ... Modern Style Ma

A New Block Party
Miracle Blanket

... she sleeps much more soundly and longer. Sophia also loves her blanket and I can't say enough good things about the blanket. Here are the girls in their baby straight jacket (Caroline and then Sophia). I love Lindsay for suggesting this and her f

Farmer Files

We've always wrapped her in the miracle blanket and that usually keeps her wrapped up warm and tight so she feels cozy. She either falls asleep in her swing or in my arms. We used to try to get her out of the swing the minute she fell ... Farmer Fil

Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle…babies' best friend ...

Solution: Swaddle me to, swaddle me fro, the Miracle Blanket is the way to go! One of my friends finally suggested: the Miracle Blanket (www.miracleblanket.com). I hesitated to buy it, because it costs between $26-$29 a pop! I doubted it could be th

The Johnson Journal
Miracle Blanket!

The Johnson Journal: Miracle blanket! By Nicole Miracle blanket! I talked in my last post about the amazing blanket I bought that swaddles Harper so tight. Here's a picture of her in it. I swear she likes feeling confined as she sleeps all night l

Sarrah T
Random Things

I already knew what Holland would look like in a Hotsling since I already had one but I was so excited to try her out in the Miracle Blanket. So here she is, as taken with five minutes of getting my package in the mail. Look how cute! One of these d

Good Times Delgado Style
Miracle Blanket Giveaway

Good Times Delgado Style: Miracle Blanket Giveaway By Jason & Vanessa I just wanted you all to know that one of my favorite blogs Waiting for Happy is giving away a Miracle Blanket. If you have never been to Kristy's blog you must go and read thei

Well Blogs NY Times
A Remedy for Fussy Babies

A Remedy for Fussy Babies - Well Blog - NYTimes.com By By Tara Parker-Pope The Miracle Blanket (a specific type of swaddle blanket) and a cheap white noise machine changed our lives when my daughter had colic. Mylicon and gripe water did nothing.

Welsh Family Blog
Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket (or baby straight-jacket) has been essential in Evan's transition from his bassinet to his crib in early August. He is a gratuitous arm-flailer and tends to wake himself up if not tightly bound. As you can see, ... Welsh Family B

Bowl of Cherrys
Rave: Baby Supplies Part 1

A recent addition to our baby supply arsenal is The Miracle Blanket. (AKA The Baby Straight Jacket.) Little Peachy has uncontrollable hands that like to whack her in the face and take her pacifier away in the middle of the night. ...

Bowl of Cherrys
Rave: Baby Supplies Part 1

A recent addition to our baby supply arsenal is The Miracle Blanket. (AKA The Baby Straight Jacket.) Little Peachy has uncontrollable hands that like to whack her in the face and take her pacifier away in the middle of the night. ...

Ba House Cleaning
Miracle Blanket

After doing extensive research online, I was introduced to Miracle Swaddling Blanket! I am happy to say that we swaddled our daughter for 6 months. I’ve talked to moms that swaddled their babies all the way up to 8 months.After getting this blanket

Brent Jen and Bradley
Love/Hate 2 Swaddle

Then someone else suggested the "miracle blanket..." "This is not just a blanket honey...", I told him the first night. "This blanket is going to change our life." So, we tried it and it worked! Ahhh, my life saver....

Two Sheldons
God's Faithfulness Through Infertility:

God's Faithfulness Through Infertility: Little Bug now weighs… By Dave and Elaine I don't remember who mentioned to me in a comment about using a Miracle Blanket to swaddle Little Bug … and I don't have time right now to go back and look … b

Fort Cox
My top 10 mommy must-haves!

But for real - the Miracle Blanket includes a lateral belly wrap that soothes babies. Babies love pressure on their mid-section, so this blanket truly works! It "eliminates" colic, helps them get to sleep, and prevents scratching. ... fort cox - htt

The Horihan Chronicles
Ava's sleeping & The Miracle Blanket

Have you ever heard of "The Miracle Blanket?" If you are a new mom or know any new or soon to be new moms, this is a must have! It is a swaddling blanket that could be better described as a baby straight jacket. Sounds cruel, right? ... The Horihan

Bradley Kirk
Love/Hate 2 Swaddle

Then someone else suggested the "miracle blanket..." So, we tried it and it worked! Ahhh, my life saver. There's NO WAY he can bust out of this one and we've been using it since Bradley was 4 months old. My newest dilemma is that ... Bradley Kirk -

Snelling Stories
The Miracle Blanket review

I ordered one [Miracle Blanket] when John was five days old after reading about it on another blog. It arrived a few days later and it has absolutely lived up to it's name! It swaddles him so snuggly! ... Snellings Stories - http://snellingsstories.

Mum Mums
Miracle Swaddling Blanket ...

The Miracle Blanket works the magical miracle of sleep on my baby daughter. She loves the comfort of the swaddle, but she can wiggle her way out of... » Original link. Tags: baby baby daughter • Permalink • Email this article ... Latest Child H

Sarrah T
Miracle Blanket

...I'll just say I have used it every night since except for one night. That one night was the only night out of the last month that she has woken up even once. In fact, that night she woke up about every 45 minutes the entire night. Needless to say

And Then There Were Three:
The power of the swaddle

So you may remember me mentioning (or if you've been here you've likely seen) the miracle blanket. This blanket, affectionately referred to in our home as the "baby straight jacket" (see link for video demonstration) has true power, ... ...And Then

Motherly Instincts
We Need Sleep!

The Miracle blanket is a proven winner for teaching your new baby how to sleep and you will benefit in the long run. It is a known fact that babies wake themselves up with their arm reflect and then they decide if i cry someone will ... Motherly Ins

eager little mind
It's A Boy! Miracle Blanket...

Miracle Blanket. Daphne was a little baby Houdini and could bust out of just about any swaddle. But, I still preferred the Miracle Blanket over the SwaddleMe or just using a receiving blanket. ... http://www.eagerlittlemind.com/

Baby Center
Miracle Blanket!

Just wanted to share some advice about swaddling blankets. My friend recommended the Miracle Blanket as she said that it seriously changed her life when she was struggling with her baby, I googled it and the reviews are really good - they even have a

The Roubinek Reality:
It really is a miracle!

The speaker promoted The Miracle Blanket and I had heard of it before. When I watched her put the blanket on the doll she brought with her, I knew I had to have one. ...

Baby Daily Buzz
Colicky Crying Baby? Try This.:

Photo from Miracle Blanket If you have a fussy, colicky baby that won't sleep, here's something that might help you out: the Miracle Blanket. It's supposed to soothe cranky babies in seconds—and get them to sleep faster and longer. CafeMom Daily B

Beyond Friendship Gate:
Recreating the womb

Then she slept until I got out the neglected sleep positioner, pulled the Miracle Blanket tight around her, and placed her in her crib. Other than her pacifier falling out, she managed to sort of stay put. Eventually she fell asleep for what seemed l

Cravings Maternity and Baby
cravings: miracle blanket

I came across this you tube clip about the miracle blanket. i used this product with layla and absolutely loved it. i think i even blogged about it when she was just weeks old. the blanket really is a miracle. ... cravings - http://cravingsmaternity

Brent and Randi - And Baby Makes Three
Look! No Blan

She isn't able to get her full nap in when she is unwrapped. She has gotten too strong for the blankets that I made for her so I bought her a miracle blanket. I LOVE it! Thanks Sara for the idea, it has saved my life. ... And Baby Makes Three - http

24 weeks pregnant: The hell that is the baby registry.

Assertagirl » 24 weeks pregnant: The hell that is the baby registry. By Amy Besides some clothes, I would recommend the miracle blanket. Truly miraculous, worked amazing for both my boys, and I give them as gifts. Otherwise, to be honest, I'd avo

The Stork Boutique
Miracle Blankets Just In

Whatever the reason may be, the Miracle Blanket is one of the most effective swaddling products on the market and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit www.miracleblanket.com for instructions, testimonials, and more. ... the stork boutique - htt

Enjoy Birth
Miracle Blanket – Really works!

I used the Miracle Blanket – Baby Swaddling Blanket – Beige with Bryson. I never could swadle with a normal blanket, so I never did it wiht my other boys. Well, Bryson was my BEST sleeper and loved to be swaddled. ... Enjoy Birth Blog - http://e

Baby Bolte
Happy 2 Months Hope!

She is basically happy when being held, especially when wrapped in her Miracle Blanket or in the Baby Bjorn. She is a joy to have and we are certainly blessed. We are so grateful for the children God has blessed us with. ... Waiting for Happy - http

Mommas in the House
A blanket that is truely a miracle

The name in itself caught my attention because who doesn't want to get a miracle blanket for their miracle baby. But often times than not, a lot of companies have catchy names for products that don't really do what they say they do. ...

Woodworking Talk
I'm a Dad!

Congratulations. Ours was born on May 31st. Let me tell you, the first 4-6 weeks were pretty difficult, then it got a little better. If you don't have a Miracle Blanket for sleeping at night I highly recommend it. Conner is offline ... Woodworking T

The Miracle Blanket

Re The Miracle BlanketRe Carley08 4039761 081309 0925 PM ... It really is a miracle that thing Was the only blanket DD couldnt break out of as well ...

The Coveted
Some Smart Essentials

Some things I’ve come across are must-haves for parents and babies, like the Miracle Blanket (far left). It’s the world’s most pediatrician-recommended swaddler and totally lives up to its name. Fussy babies chill. Parents can get some sleep. J

Swaddling blanket recommendation - Hong Kong GeoBaby

my first hated swaddling so we didn't do it for long. my youngest would only sleep well when swaddled BUT was a master of escaping!! we found the Miracle Blanket was the best swaddle by far! ...

Yonderway Farm
Two things I'm loving these days........

That's how we roll!: Two things I'm loving these days........ By The Kramer Family I was told about the amazing Miracle Blanket by a dear friend. My sweet sister-in-law purchased one for us on e-bay and I've been the biggest fan of these swaddling

the thomas family news
sweet dreams!

So, we swaddled him SUPER tight in this miracle blanket, put this CD on repeat - so it would play all night in his room, and put him in his own very dark room! I was NOT optimistic the first night, but he blew us away by sleeping an amazing 5 hour

My Sling and Swaddle "Journey"

I all ready knew that I loved the Miracle Blanket and now I am starting to really love my Hotsling. I have taken it to 2 birthday parties, and several stores, and have even used it around the house. I have been able to help Bryson in ...

The Goodman Family
The Miracle Blanket

One item that helped us get through the night is the miracle blanket. Every night Eva is happily restrained, except for one leg she likes to wave in the air. Thank you Aunt Carey for introducing us to the miracle blanket. ...

Moma Love Bug
Moma to the littlest lovebug...

But that’s not all. Not only did it fit her, but within minutes of being swaddled, she calmed down. The previous night, with no Miracle Blanket, my daughter would only be asleep a few hours at a time, but the first night of using the blanket, she

Life with my Ethan
Life with Ethan:Miracle Blanket

Tye and I purchased a blanket called the Miracle Blanket before Ethan was born. It had rave reviews and supposedly calmed a baby down in seconds so he could get a good night's sleepWell we started using it as soon as we got home from the hospital and

Breezy Mama
Let’s Start With the Must Have Products

Miracle Blanket: This goes along with a tip you will learn in the Karp video that newborns want to feel as though they are in the womb for another three months. The wrapping snuggly of a baby can be difficult for first time parents ... ... In fact,

Life With Two:
The Last Week

Holland got a nice little nap on Monday in her bed thanks to her Miracle Blanket. (I totally just went to type that as @miracleblanket. Haha. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's because you are not following me on Twitter ...

The Amanda Diaries
Riddle Me This:

Take a 2 month old baby girl swaddled in her Miracle Blanket and placed lovingly in her crib, add in a few grunts and groans, and multiply that by about 5 hours of sleep and what do you get? That same 2 month old baby girl still swaddled in her Mirac

Three Cats and a Kiddo
Sling and Swaddle

As for the swaddling, we've been in love with our Miracle Blanket since Maddie was about two weeks old and started busting out of a traditional swaddle. For those of you who are wondering what a swaddle is, it's basically putting a baby ... (I was al

Alice Daisy Valente
Baby Gear and Visitors « Alice's Adventures

Not only did she shower us with some lovely presents( see the pic of adorable mary janes for when Alice is ready to start walking and a sweet Miracle Blanket) she told us not to get overwhelmed by everything but admitted that “the first ...

The Daily Kool
Today's Kool Idea: Miracle Blanket

Introducing the Miracle Blanket baby swaddling blanket. What is swaddling, you ask? Well, it's a way to wrap your newborn securely in a blanket, creating a slight pressure to give them a sense of security. ... The Miracle Blanket is definitely a "koo

Madeleine Marie Dean
The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket. To tell the truth the blanket kind of scared me at first! It's like putting them in a straight jacket!!! Madeleine never liked being swaddled, but Katherine loves it and nearly sleeps through the night. ...

Buscher 3
Buscher 3 and 1: The Ouch Factor

And the second picture is a miracle blanket. No seriously - it's really called a miracle blanket. It's a gigantic swaddle with arm flaps and a foot pocket. ... The claim on the blanket was hilarious. They said, "even at the sight of the blanket, fuss

Cara Mamamia
Question of the Week - Un-needed Items

I love to give people The Miracle Blanket because it was how we got through the first few months with the Pumpkin. Actually, we received The Miracle Blanket as a gift from my sis, and we received raves from my sis and sis-in-law about ... Cara Mama

How Do I Get My Newborn To Sleep By Herself?

There are two things I highly recommend: The Miracle Blanket! I found this so helpful to be able to effectively swadle my babies. The idea behind the Miracle Blanket is that it can help you easily and effectively swaddle your newborn. ... -

Ryan Brymer
Daddy Must Haves - Miracle Blanket Tilling the Soil

The Miracle Blanket was the perfect remedy. We weren't real excited about spending the $30 that it sells for, but after realizing how great it was, we went back and bought another. Now, you may think that it's mean to keep your child's ... Tilling t

Thomas Family News
Living with Colic

In the meantime we struggle through each day, you and I. Fortunately you do sleep well at night... swaddled tightly in your miracle blanket with your favorite CD playing. But every morning our struggle begins... starting out manageable, ... the thom

The Goodman Post
The Goodman Family: The Miracle Blanket

One item that helped us get through the night is the miracle blanket. Every night Eva is happily restrained, except for one leg she likes to wave in the air. Thank you Aunt Carey for introducing us to the miracle blanket. ... The Goodman Family -

Life with My Ethan
Life with Ethan

Tye and I purchased a blanket called the Miracle Blanket before Ethan was born. It had rave reviews and supposedly calmed a baby down in seconds so he could get a good night's sleep. Well we started using it as soon as we got home from hospital and i

Jiggy Jog
The Miracle of The Miracle Blanket

For all those doubters out there. This is by far the best swaddler. If you want to see more just click on my Miracle Blanket button to the left. Emma was never this fussy, but it sure helped her sleep longer as a newborn. ...

Lindsay Teague Moreno
Dear Babies: Month 5

So far you've outlasted your sister in the miracle blanket. She rolled over while swaddled and had to quit the blanket cold-turkey. You've stayed on your back so far, so you still sleep in your blanket. I can see this coming to an end ... Lindsay Te

Organic Winds
From Crying To Calm in Seconds Flat - Amazing Baby ...

I'm a Miracle Blanket mom and I truly appreciate the impact of this amazing swaddle blanket. When I was expecting another mom friend advised that if I bought nothing else I should make sure I had one of these. ...

Diary of a Yummy Mummy
Scarred for Life?

When the little man was just a wee little man I would always swaddle him in this blanket called the Miracle Blanket. And by swaddle him, I mean tie him up so tight that he was in a straight jacket, and would remain that way for the next 12-13 . I was

The Marketing Mama -
A miracle blanket for babies

You've heard me rave about the Miracle Blanket before... I used these blankets with both my children and highly recommend them to everyone I know. My babies went down for naps and to sleep at night wrapped snugly in the Miracle Blanket, ...

Me and Wee
A Miracle

I rushed to the Miracle Blanket website and read all the testimonials and doctors' comments and decided to buy 2 of them right then and there. After a few torturous days of waiting, those blankets were my savior yesterday! ...

Baby Center
Thank you Miracle Blanket

In an attempt to get some sleep, I went out and spent the $30 for the Miracle Blanket. I am so happy I did and wish I did it sooner. I put Sara down at 8:00 and she only got up once at 1:45 and slept again until 6:00. I LOVE THIS BLANKET!

Upscale Baby Blog
Miracle Blanket Crying to Calm Video Contest

Miracle Blanket is currently hosting a Crying to Calm Video Contest. They’re looking for the best video example that demonstrates the calming ability of the Miracle Blanket. Susan Havens, VP of Marketing for Miracle Blanket, explains, “See what y

Miracle Baby Blanket Review - "a must for babies"

By zoom4267 "The BEST swaddle blanket is the Miracle Blanket!" More Miracle Baby Blanket reviews. More reviews by zoom4267. add zoom4267 to my friends list • 5 star rating LG - Dare VX9700 Cell Phone Review - "way cool" ... Reviews about Baby -

The Bump
When to use the miracle blanket

By JenG329 I use the miracle blanket for overnight, it is strong and she cant break out at all. I use a swaddle me for naps. Easier to put on but not as strong. I dont nurse to sleep for naps but I do my last feed of the night right before she ...

Stevenson Stories:
Things to Remember

By Stevenson Stories I love watching him with her and how much he loves his little princess. She has been a huge blessing in our lives. Things to Remember about Taleah at 2 Months. * she loves to be swaddled after her bath in her "miracle blanke

Baby Products Mommy Blog:
Sleep deprivations saved by small miracles

While at the market one day Shad brought a new swaddle blanket up to me, the Miracle Blanket. I had seen the booth year after year and honestly didn't think we needed another blanket (not to mention it was pricy) Shad got a sample and ... As the sayi

Baby Bash
All About Baby

We purchased several of these [Kiddopotamus] for our son and they worked pretty well for a while, but eventually he got stronger the squirmy worm would get his arms free and wake himself up. We switched to the Miracle Blanket and although they are mo

Sarah Rosie
Everyday Extraordinary: Half Birthday!

She is trying to break her addiction to the miracle blanket, and she's making progress as a sleeper again. Her naps are still inconsistent, but nighttime sleep is generally good. But oh, how we loved our miracle blanket! ... -

The Seeman Family
Holy Moses!!!

We mostly use the miracle blanket b/c it basically secures his arms down so he can't move them because we would use other swaddle blankets and he would wiggle his arms up to his face and wake himself up, but the miracle blanket does not ...

To Plan B
3 Months Old

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks: Hanging out in Daddy's lap. Hanging out with Charlie while he eats. Sitting in the Bumbo seat, wearing Daddy's hat. Big girl in the Bumbo seat! Wrapped in her Miracle Blanket. You can tell she lik

Upscale Baby Blog
Miracle Blanket

Luckily, since my sister is done having children, she sent me her Miracle Blanket. Although my little one was already starting to outgrow her fussiness when I received it, I have to say that it is very well designed. While other similar blankets use

The Titeras
Our LITTLE two month old

... loving walks and church and anything that isn't sitting at home, ALMOST laughing, cooing, being swaddled in her special "miracle blanket" from Matt and Ananda, bouncing in her bouncer, and overall just being the best baby ever. ... the titeras -

Origami How
Momblog Mompick: The Miracle Blanket - Florida Times-Union ...

momblog mompick: The Miracle Blanket Florida Times-Union, FL I was never good at origami , and incorporating a baby into some fancy folding skills just wasn't working for me. So my sister-in-law, who recently had a baby around the same ...

Potter Family
Miracle Blanket Lives Up To Its Name

I've written before about our struggles with Joesph and sleep. I suspected that he would stay asleep longer if we could figure out how to keep him in his swaddle, but at 4 months and 15 pounds, he's a strong boy and he can work his way out of most sw

Celebrity Baby Blog
Help a CBB Reader!

Celebrity Baby Blog - People.com » Blog Archive Help a CBB Reader! « By Kate I’m echoing others, but Baby Bjorn, Boppy, and…my new favorite, the Miracle Blanket. Janet Says: April 2nd, 2009 at 5:34 pm. I love to give this kind of advise espe

Jiggy Jog
Never in my life...

For the first two and half months we used a miracle blanket to swaddle her at night. Much to the horror of her Aunt Hollie. She loved it though. This picture, however, was after coming to see the grandparents and Nana's first attempt at ...

Snug as a Bug

A wrap/carrier like this one, the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" and a Miracle blanket. These are life saving, sanity keeping devices. The book prepared me with a whole new approach before Claire even arrived. ... Catching my breath... -

Mommies with Cents
Review & Giveaway: Miracle Blanket

A few weeks ago I switched from using the Velcro style swaddle that I used with my son to the Miracle Blanket. It is a little harder to get on but it works so much better! If done correctly it is nearly impossible for the baby to wiggle ... Mommies

Prairie Mama Blog
PrairieMama: It's Amazing

Oh, and the best part is the Miracle Blanket. I was a little reluctant to continue using it because she is almost 6 months old (did you just hear my jaw hit the floor?!?!), but she still really likes to be swaddled. ... PrairieMama -

Emily Island Blog
Emily's Latest

The Miracle Blanket is a swaddling blanket that is designed to keep baby feeling warm and safe. It prevents spasms and twitches of growing muscles that can wake baby up. It helps with colic. It's gotten great reviews all over the web. ... Emily's La

Hottest Buy It

Too big, velcro not strong enough - Get a Miracle Blanket!. I received a SwaddleMe as a gift. The first problem I discovered was that even with the small size I had received that when I wrapped Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece Large ... Go see Hot

C'est ma vie
The Miraculous Solution

After many suggestions to swaddle Alice, I caved and bought into the claims of the Miracle Blanket (which still sounded a lot like an infomercial to me). Last night, we went through our evening routine- I gave her a bath around 10:15, ... C'est ma v

Sign on the Window
Getting the bBaby to Sleep

The best swaddle blanket EVER is the Miracle Blanket, which still successfully holds in our giant, six-month old beast. Looking back, we should have bought two since we are totally screwed when it’s in the wash. IMG_2124 by you. ... Sign on the Wi

Taking Care of Baby
TCB in a flash -- baby, that is: World record of sleep!

By Nicole R. As I mentioned in last night's post, I've just started swaddling Laurel in the Miracle Blanket at night. So far it's been three nights. And regarding those three nights, here's a bit of information cut-and-pasted from Laurel's Trixi

Lanteigne Baby 2
And Mr. Andy Lanteigne finally makes his appearance

August (12). All smiles! Baby Shower! Andy's 1st ambulance ride and Hospital visit • Jumperoo! Andy's is 2 months old! Fashion Show! sleeping good! The Miracle Blanket is a mircale! ... And Mr. Andy Lanteigne finally... -

Beetle and a Baby -
My favorite baby-related books for grown-ups

What I liked: I think the ultimate "gift of sleep" baby shower bundle (other than a live-in nanny) would be the Happiest Baby on the Block, the Miracle Blanket, and a white-noise machine. This book is essential for understanding how to ...

Clio Baby

Let's start with a pic of Evie, happily wrapped in her miracle blanket . We love this blanket; it is the only swaddling blanket we've heard of or found that actually keeps a baby's arms swaddled, since it's their arms that tend to wake ...

The Buggyboo Chronicles

I have the best husband in the world, by the way; Swaddle blankets. I never thought we would stop swaddling Kaden. After he broke out of the Kiddapotamus ones, we used the miracle blanket, and can I just say... Miracle... The Jumparoo. ... -

Emmeline Erenshaw
It's a Miracle!

If anyone has a grumpy newborn I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket. As we speak, Leah is sleeping in it in her bouncy seat. At night she sometimes sleeps for six-eight hours straight! Aimless Ideas -

Modern Mom
Mommy Must Haves :: RE: #1 thing you just can't live without

As the Executive Editor at FIT PREGNANCY recently wrote in an e-mail "My daughter will testify that they are indeed a lifesaver--you can see the difference in the way the sleep the minute you swaddle them in the Miracle Blanket! ... ModernMom.com

Six of Clubs
What I’ve Learned

By sixofclubs There are two guarentees to make a baby stop crying — gas-ex type drops and a miracle blanket. I now have both and will put them to the test. I wonder if they work on teenagers? – There is no real way to actually be prepared for h

Nick and Kristal
A Day in the Life of Grace: 3 months old

Mommy changes my diaper and lays me in my crib and lets me watch my mobile while she lays out my miracle blanket. Then she swaddles me. I love being swaddled and I can't sleep unless I'm all wrapped up. Otherwise, my arms just keep ... Dreams Do Com

Valentine Family
Swaddle Sacks are for Wimps

Sammy loves to bust out of the swaddle to get her arms free. We've now started using the Miracle Blanket (first referenced on the Lilo blog), which keeps those arms snuggled! Great Expectations -

Whippetmom Blog
Project Unswaddle:Unsuccessful!

By whippetmom(whippetmom) The Miracle Blanket was truly a miracle for us. But somewhere in the middle of Gavin being three months old, I thought he should be able to sleep with...

Baby Hudec
The Sweetest Thing: All Because Two People Fell in LOVE

The Sweetest Thing: All Because Two People Fell in LOVE By With love, Meredith Past and Present • Thank you Miracle Blanket • Thought for the day • ► January (14). Cold Hands Warm Heart • 12 steps away • Yes, it's true. Like magic •

The Bump
Miracle Blanket

By houndbaby yes, yes, yes. we have tried normal blankets, the swaddleme, and just about every other prefab swaddle out there, and the miracle blanket is the ONLY one she can't escape from. I am so sad -- she's getting too long for it -- I don't ..

Back To Me
Happy birthday baby boy

Back To Me: Happy birthday baby boy By samantha campen We finally came to our senses and wrapped you in your Miracle Blanket and that seemed to improve things dramatically. My heart broke for you during those hours because you became a different k

Jaymie Krakowiak
Charlotte makes three

Please check out Me and My Boys for an awesome giveaway on this miracle blanket from Miracle Industries! Its is awesome, helps to swaddle your baby with no fasteners! Not to mention this girl has an awesome blog! ... and Charlotte makes three. -

Life With Cason:Hodge Podge

Many of you have heard me talk about the Miracle Blanket. I LOVE it! Cason LOVES it! It helps him go to sleep fast and stay asleep for the most part. Toby and I call it the baby straight jacket. Cason's pediatrician recommend it to us ...

The Suels
Vote: Tried and true mom must haves

Tried and true mom must haves. aden and anais swaddling blankets • quick zip sheets crib or twin- LIFE SAVERS! the MIRACLE blanket • dr. smiths- the BEST diaper rash cream • dynamic art frames for your picasso • boppy • itzbeen ... The Sue

More endorsements!

I witnessed a horribly colicky baby sleep through the night on the first try with a combination of the Miracle Blanket, and the Amby Baby Bed. If you are a first time parent, I have nothing but GLOWING reviews of this product. ...

The Many Tales of Amelia Jane:
The Things About Babies

Our couldn't-live-without-it things. Only if you want to sleep • Seventh Generation non-toxic cleaners • Born Free Bottles--BPA Free! The Best $20 you can spend on new parents • The (Really It's A) Miracle Blanket ... The Many Tales of Amelia

The Marketing Mama
My Favorite Unusual Baby Products

They don't call it a miracle for nothing... This blanket is nothing short of miraculous! Maybe it's because my babies were big at birth (over 8 lbs), but I had the hardest time keeping them swaddled in receiving blankets. I tried a few of the commerc

Da Babs
Daddy's Little Tamale

Baby Rachel asleep in her crib with The Miracle Blanket. Note to family - yes, we have some cameras set up now. Johnny gets to watch Rachel while at work, but my work system is not going to allow me to download the software, ... DaBabs -

Wending Our Way Home
Taking Flight: Sanity 101

It's called the Miracle Blanket! To see how this blanket works, you should go check out the link. I'll probably be ordering two soon for my baby girl {you always want a back up one in case their are accidents- you don't want to be doing ... Taking F

Miracle Blanket

Have you ever heard of the Miracle Blanket? This is such an awesome design and snuggles up new born babies like they're still in the womb. It's unbelievable. I really wish I had one with my kids! Take a look at this video and see how it ... Barefoot

Baby Titter
Miracle Blanket

We have other blankets and also the Swaddle Me blanket, but the miracle blanket is definitely the best at keeping him swaddled through the night. I haven't experienced the "miracle" of having him sleep through the night with it yet, ...

Parent Dish
ParentDish needs your ParentPicks!

By Sarah James For me personally, I couldn't have made it through the first few months without The Miracle Blanket. That blanket kept my little houdini's arms safely at his sides and prevented him from whacking himself in the face and howling in th

Matt and Mo
Some of Our Favorites!

The Miracle Blanket Although we are still not sleeping through the night, this has helped tremendously. It works much better than all other swaddle blankets I have tried. It doesn't come undone, and she passes out as soon as I wrap her ...

Week 14

Bedtime has just gotten better, literally going from screaming one night to sleeping the next, after we bought a Miracle Blanket. It's essentially a strait jacket for babies, and it's amazing. He's now sleeping on his own for most of ...

Erin Louise Miller
Around the house

I have been swaddling him for his naps and bedtime with this awesome blanket called, "The miracle blanket." I love it so much that I am going to add it to my List for New moms. See my Jan. 2006 entries for the original list. ... Erin Miller's Blog -

Trog A Roo
Top 5's of 2008

Miracle blanket--Newborns like to be snuggled tight and this contraption does just that. Think "baby straight jacket" and you've got the idea. But she loved it. We had to stop at about 4 months when she learned to roll from front to ...

Burkes Baby
Doctor appointment and updates!

She's slowly getting used to being without the Miracle blanket (we gave that up about 2 weeks ago). It's a little tricky cause she likes to kick when we lay her in the crib, but she usually conks right back out. ...

Baby Hare
Our Little Butterball

Overall though, Evie is doing great, we're currently breaking her out of her addiction to the Miracle Blanket and sleep training seems to be working well as she's been sleeping mostly through the night. ... Evelyn Elizabeth Hare (Formerly... -

Richard C. Lewis's blog:
Growing Boy

We've graduated to an elaborate infant-wrapping mechanism called the "Miracle Blanket," which involves numerous flaps for arms, legs and torso and several wrapping techniques to swaddle. Still works, but its days are numbered: Baby N. ... Richard C.

Blogging for Two
The Miraculous Giveaway!

I'm guessing the love between me and the Miracle Blanket is most accurately reflected in the post "Most Useful Products: Birth to Three Months" which I wrote back in August, you know, when Gwen was four months old. ...

Stirrup Queens
The Book-y Sort

We are Dr. Karp lovers as well and I have to say that Lindsay MUST get a miracle blanket to go with Dr. Karp's book. They are amazing swaddling blankets and the only ones that work, IMO. My favorite baby read was "Baby Bargains" because ...

The Bump
Colic is a 4 letter word

Last active: 01-27-2009, 3: Bronze. Have you tried the vacuum cleaner? It worked wonders with Abby. That and the miracle blanket. She would cry and cry starting at 6 p.m. every night until we swaddled her in her miracle blanket. ...

Miracle Blanket

I found that the Amazing Miracle Blanket was a five-star product. Once I got that one, I even gave up on the fleece Kiddo! A must for new babies. These are great for babies that love to be swaddled. They are fast and easy. ... UNKNOWZONE IS A QUALIT

The Cutlers
A week of firsts!

When Debbie came over for the kids' playdate, she brought us this thing called The Miracle Blanket... and is it ever! Is it somewhat like a straight jacket? Yes. Does he love it anyway? YES!!! This thing wraps him up ... The Cutlers -

The Bump
Questions for Moms

By MrsH07 We loved the Miracle Blanket when DS was little and definitely needed two. We registered for 3 and never used the Halo swaddle sacks we got, because he could bust out of them. Now that he's older, he sleeps in the ... Austin Babies -

Baby Pierre
Bye, Bye Miracle Blanket!!

First, if you've never seen it here's a couple pictures of Xander wrapped up in one of his miracle blanket's It's kinda like a baby straight jacket, lol, the only thing that worked for our little escape artist..probably the BEST investment I ever mad

The Bump
Swaddle Drama

He can bust out of anything other than the Miracle Blanket. But now he's getting too long for it. I have the top of the blanket down to his shoulder blades so that he has enough room in the foot pocket. For naps, I swaddle him in a ... Parenting aft

What are your must haves?

By Be a parent, not a sheep. 2009-01-31 07:47 pm UTC (link). My two favorite baby products: -Moby wrap (baby carrier) -Miracle Blanket (swaddling blanket). (Reply to this). [info] cityofgods 2009-01-31 07:52 pm UTC (link). diaper wipe warmer, i kno

Project Howard
Roll over, roll over

We highly recommend the Miracle Blanket swaddle from pretty much birth to rolling from back to stomach stage! Also, now that he can roll onto his stomach, he seems to not mind it as much, or at least he is able to be on his stomach for ... - http://

The Bump
NER: need some tips from mommys

By RubyRed1085 I'm really not sure if they have them at one of those stores, but I'd say my #1 baby necessity was the Miracle Blanket. I never used receiving blankets. For swaddling, you need big, stretchy blankets. I hate baby bath towels. ... -

Baby Giveaways:
Giveaways Expiring 2/17

The Family Loop is giving away a pair of See Kai Run or Smaller shoes. Feisty Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a Toddler size Go-Blanket. Metropolitan Mama is giving away a Miracle Blanket in choice of color and design. ...

Stokes Speaks

So, a while back, I had stated that we were excited that Ben had slept thru the night with the aid of "Marliene's Miracle Blanket" and a nice cold. Since those heavenly 3 nights, it's been a mixture of semi-long stretches of sleep, ...

Jensen Days
Days with the Jensens: Second Child Syndrome

Mandy let me borrow this Miracle Blanket and a miracle blanket it is! It looks similar to a straight jacket (honestly it does) and he sleeps like a champ in it! Posted by Katie at 1:40 PM ... Days with the Jensens -

Baby Hudec
The Sweetest Thing: Past and Present

February (3). Past and Present • Thank you Miracle Blanket • Thought for the day • ? January (14). Cold Hands Warm Heart • 12 steps away • Yes, it's true. Like magic • Start Spreading the News . . . This one's for you Daddy! ... The Swee

The Suels
Playing with friends

tried and true mom must haves. aden and anais swaddling blankets • quick zip sheets crib or twin- LIFE SAVERS! the MIRACLE blanket • dr. smiths- the BEST diaper rash cream • dynamic art frames for your picasso • boppy • itzbeen ...

Otto Family News:
Change of plans....

We bought him a miracle blanket when he was a month old. He loved it and it was a [godscent] to us. He slept 6-8 hour stretches once he had it. He is getting to big for it now. He rolls over in it and he gets stuck on his tummy. ... Otto Family News

SheKnows Message Boards
The swaddle blanket is my new BFF!

The Miracle Blanket, TwinMama08, Clothing and accessory reviews, 0, 01-01-2009 07:35 PM. SwaddleMe Blanket by Kiddopotamus, macmad33, Clothing and accessory reviews,

Nielson World: Update
Neilson World Update

The Miracle Blanket and Baby Wise both work. It just takes patience and an established routine. I'm a bit worried that her sleeping habits are going to change next week when she hits 12 weeks. They usually go through a 12-week growth ...

Lanteigne Baby 2
The Miracle Blanket is a mircale! Colic update

The Miracle Blanket is a mircale! Colic update • Coping with colic • Andy gets Churched! thirty nine days old • ► July (19). Boy am I tired this morning! Here is another good one... A very good article on breastfeeding VS formula fe. ... And

Stokes Speaks
Beep, Beep, Giggle, Giggle

More Videos for Grandma/pa • 4 month well baby check-up • A New Woman • Marliene's Miracle Blanket! Some pics • Future Trouble Makers of America • Deep conversation between Ben and I • 15 week old Inch Worm • Roll out the Barrel ... St

Little Grady
Updates: Shut That Baby Up!!!!

We also bought the Miracle Blanket which is a swaddling blanket guaranteed to work. We used it for the first time tonight and baby Grady is sound asleep in his crib before 9 pm. Now let's just hope he's not up wide eyed at 4 am like he ...

Product Endorsement Friday

If you are a follower of MckMama you are no doubt aware of The Miracle Blanket. I want to second her endorsement. These blankets are a miracle. We went from wiggly, arm's poking out of receiving blankets....to a nice, neat swaddle. ... Quintooples -

DaBabs Blog
Rachel's Likes and Dislikes

I just ordered the "miracle blanket" in the hopes it's stronger than the Halo/Kiddopotamus version. The jury is still out on infant massage on whether it's a like/dislike. The head/face moves might be more enjoyable for her, we'll see. ...

Encouragement Much Appreciated

So we found the Miracle Blanket. If you don't know what it is, look it up on the Internet and order it. Now. It's worth the money. The minute we wrap Colt in his Miracle Blanket he calms down. Great for when he's so tired he can't sleep ... -

Lisa Texas Mommy
My Chunky Monkey

You sleep swaddled with The Miracle Blanket. Your favorite resting spot is the swing. Mommy's favorite resting spot is with you cuddled up next to her. A few times, you have been so tired that you fell asleep on the bed, with all kinds ... Growing u

The Bump
Questions for Mom

We loved the Miracle Blanket when DS was little and definitely needed two. We registered for 3 and never used the Halo swaddle sacks we got, because he could bust out of them. Now that he's older, he sleeps in the ...

Sapp Family News
Miracle Blanket

Thanks to Courtenay, I now have the miracle blanket - http://www.miracleblanket.com/. The blanket is designed to help fussy babies sleep better. It works for Natalie. She has tons of swaddle blankets, but none of them work as well as this one does. .

Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket is easy to use and keeps baby snug. Pediatrician recommended. What are parents saying? "I love this blanket! It has saved me countless hours of sleep and crying. Happiest Baby On The Block: Harvey Karp, M.D., ... -

Little Hebert Fam
i'm in love with a blanket

(I've also heard that the Miracle Blanket is the bomb.com if you're looking for another or still can't swaddle tightly enough with a square.) And just because I'm so excited that he really smiled today, here are a few for you visual ... little heber

Kellys Korner Blog
Big Girls Don't Cry

I remember when my son (4.5) came home from the hospital! He didn't sleep for 3 weeks I SWEAR, LOL. Then I discovered the 'Miracle Blanket'! Google it! WE were SOOO happy! He slept 6.5 hours STRAIGHT the first time we wrapped him in it! ...

Baby Hudec
The Sweetest Thing: Thank you Miracle Blanket

By With love, Meredith Thank you Miracle Blanket. If there is one baby essential I am forever grateful for is:. www.miracleblanket.com.gif. Step1.jpg Step2.jpg Step3.jpg Step4.jpg. Step5.jpg. Michael was an amazing sleeper right from the start and

World of the Wilson's -
World of the Wilson's: 3 Months Old

The Miracle Blanket is made for babies 0-3 months, so our swaddling days are pretty much over. Josh and I are absolutely in love with the Miracle Blanket...what a GREAT purchase! I'm scared that when he is left on his own no one in this ...

Lance Kelly Haugen
Horses, Cats and Dogs...Oh my!!: Going shopping...

Whatever you do, don't get a ton of receiving blankets. I have a drawer full of unused ones. Jillian loves to be swaddled but will work herself out of any receiving blanket swaddle. Instead buy a Miracle Blanket. Love it! ... Horses, Cats and Dogs..

Project Howard
Roll over, roll over

We highly recommend the Miracle Blanket swaddle from pretty much birth to rolling from back to stomach stage! Also, now that he can roll onto his stomach, he seems to not mind it as much, or at least he is able to be on his stomach for ...

Just Add Charm
My Charmed Life: Milkshake - A Musical Treat

The Miracle Blanket - I'm a Believer • Aloha Friday 1/23 • CPSIA Awareness Series - Quiltish • Bananas and the apocalypse... A $3500 Lovey Blanket? Wordless Wednesday • CPSIA Awareness Series - Whimsical Walney • CPSIA Awareness Series ...

Metropolitan Mama
5 More Weeks…and we’ll be witnessing a miracle

miracle blanket ad Plus, the Miracle Blanket uses no buttons, straps, snaps, zippers, or confusing adjustments. It looks about as simple as simple can be. “The Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, ...

Dylan's Daily Dish
Grandma's In Town

So, I have a big announcement to make...the first night that grandma Longley was here...she gave me a bath and I did not cry for the first time ever...and then...get this...grandma put me in the "miracle blanket" (that's really what grandma put me in

Bruce and Beth
Tennessee Calling: YUP, YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING...

By Beth Grace's Miracle Blanket arrived today and makes Grace a very contented little girl. Oh yeah, she has her Daddy's dimple on her right cheek....and here is proof! Oh my....look at that face....I think she is really tired of the paparazzi ...

Aimee Just Me
Mrs. Chief: Do You See What I See? Made My Day!

By Aimee p.s. yes i am really, really serious: the miracle blanket is a flippin' genius invention. 22 seconds flat. but you gotta wrap it nice and snug. p.p.s. 4-6? what are you talking about? i LOVE those hours. you know, those 2 hours that ... M

SLOGAN Thoughts
SLOGAN Thoughts: We have the Snuggie!!!

By shaySL Now I can stay warm(ish) and drink a cup of hot chocolate, or read a book, or rub my beard in a way that makes me look professorial. Then get a huge static electricity shock. And it's all thanks to the miracle blanket ...

Does Mommy Love It?
Grobag Baby Sleeping Bags

Miracle Blanket. First time moms are often hesitant to swaddle their baby tightly. I know with my first two childre... The Mommy Hook. This is the perfect accessory to any moms! If you are a city mom, you walk pretty much anywhere and . ... -

Doing Flips
Long post, it's been a while...

By Stephanie Robertson(Stephanie Robertson) (I am waiting on two packages in the mail 1. a miracle blanket that some friends insisted is a great investment 2. my restoration hardware goodies from my hostesses at my shower!!) We have installed the c

I Love Pink
Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward • The Princess Celebrates Turning Three! The Bachelor • Vera Bradley Spring Patterns • Bumbleride Indie Twin • Miracle Blanket • Baby Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little Ballerina • New Year's Eve • A Wonderful Christmas ...

The Bump
Colic is a 4 letter word

Have you tried the vacuum cleaner? It worked wonders with Abby. That and the miracle blanket. She would cry and cry starting at 6 p.m. every night until we swaddled her in her miracle blanket. ... The Eco-Friendly Family -

I Totally Like It
Miracle Baby Swaddling Blanket

The miracle blanket was THE way to get our baby swaddled securely. The design keeps his arms tucked in through the night and helped him sleep soundly. iliketotallyloveit - all -

Free Book Online
Reflecting... And Looking Ahead

The Miracle Blanket. Praise the Lord for the Miracle Blanket!Every baby {and momma} must have one of these. AND they're running a SALE right now!!7. Where did most of your money go? Groceries {Baby food, Milk}... Sonic Happy Hour {Ha! ... free audio

Fat Doctor
Fat Doctor: Another Product Review

By Fat Doctor The Miracle Blanket. The name is no hyperbole. We forgot to take this blanket with us to Biloxi and I was forced to settle for a Swadde Me blanket that I picked up at Wal-Mart. My complaints about the Swaddle Me are numerous, ...

World of the Wilson's
Snug As a Bug

By Amanda He is in a wonderful blanket called The Miracle Blanket. This blanket truly is a miracle! We have used it with Eli since we first brought him home from the hospital and will continue to use it until he outgrows it one day. ...

Parenting 101
Movement Monitor ...Sleeping in crib

By Be a parent, not a sheep. 2009-01-12 08:13 pm UTC (link). Try swaddling him up really tight. Miracle Blanket was the only thing worked for us. (Reply to this)(Thread). [info] syntheticklust 2009-01-12 08:17 pm UTC (link). He hates being swaddled

Me and My Boys!:
My favorite, can't live without baby products!

By Abby The Miracle Blanket was wonderful! It has a little foot pouch and long sides to strap their arms down. You just wrap the baby up like a big burrito, the tighter the better! It really helps them sooth themselves, go to sleep and stay ... Me

Parenting 101 -
Quantities of stuff question

By Be a parent, not a sheep. For swaddling, look into the Miracle Blanket. For regular receiving blankets, I like the soft flannel ones. And I see you're CD-ing....TONS of cute fluffy bum stuff to put on your boy, like this! (Reply to this) ...

Meet Maximus
Worth the Wait: Max's First Christmas

By Jen September (14). A Hockey Success! Columbus Blue Jackets Fan • If The Journey Was Easy... Gym Rats • What's with that...Tongue?? The Miracle Blanket Makes One More Appearance • Sleepover • Family Pic • Meet Jett • Jumper...huh? ..

Our Life: Christmas with Cason

By sarah s We got him a Miracle Blanket (ok, that is really for us, I will have to have a post about the blanket later. It really is a miracle!) Santa gave Cason some toys! Here are some pictures. Santa came to visit Cason! ...

Boos and Blankets: First Christmas Family Photo

Boos and Blankets: First Christmas Family Photo By the parents The nickname for a baby when he or she manages to get out of the tightest swaddle ever (including the Miracle Blanket) and then usually sports a self-satisfied grin with pride. Usage:

Loving Livija
Christmas Day

By Lisa Samaraweera September (5). Welcome to Loving Livija • Friday, September 12th - Zakees? Loving the Miracle Blanket • 4 Weeks Old • 5 Weeks Today! ? October (5). Week 6 • Remembering D Day • Product Queen • Week 8 • Week 9 ...

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Sleeping baby

By Amy Stempkowski We were told to try out a thing called the Miracle Blanket when we had quite a few sleepless nights after he was born and this really does work miracles! John called me into our room and told me to bring my camera, he thought thi

Lanteigne Baby 2
And Mr. Andy Lanteigne finally makes his appearance...:

Andy's 1st ... By Baby2 Andy's 1st ambulance ride and Hospital visit • Jumperoo! Andy's is 2 months old! Fashion Show! sleeping good! The Miracle Blanket is a mircale! Colic update • Coping with colic • Andy gets Churched! thirty nine days o

Babiease, LLC: Night time Sleep woes!
Helpful tools for a happy baby.

Large lightweight swaddling blanket • Soothies • Miracle Blanket. Helpful Resources. kellymom :: Breastfeeding Support • Marvelous Multiples • The Baby Whisperer • Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, ...

Get Baby Sleep Tonight
What are some ways to cure a baby's gassy tummy?

Once we changed her over to the hypoallergenic formula, changed her bottle and started swaddling her CORRECTLY with the miracle blanket, she become a completely different baby within days. Good luck to you and I hope this helps :) ...

Little Kite Girl
Things that Work

Swaddles: I am sad to say that Camper has started to Houdini out of his miracle blanket, but it has been the best swaddle, by FAR. Many precious nights of sleep gained from this nice little device. Cozy Carseat: The OH SO HANDY Bundle ...

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Inside Kat's Head

By Kat The difference between me and him is that while he is snuggled up in the miracle blanket for 3 naps/day in his trusty swing...momma is trying to educate people at her place of bid'ness. Educate...haha. Anyway, my new favorite thing is ...

Nielson World
Firm Believer

By The Nielson's I'm now a firm believer in using Baby Wise and the Miracle Blanket to train your children to be good sleepers. Kaebrie has slept through the night for five consecutive nights now. She has slept for 7-9 hours straight. ...

Greetings from Butterville: Happy Birthday to ROO!

By Sara@ Butterville Dr. Davis (FABULOUS Doctor) suggested the Miracle Blanket to us and that we sleep him in his swing on high speed. It totally worked. He would sleep hours at a time. Then he was able to eat, because he slept good and slept bette

Baby Nar: Advice For Soon-To-Be Moms
Adventures of a New Mom

The link bundles the Miracle Blanket w/ the DVD. It’s a great swaddle blanket for what they call “houdini” babies. Diapers: Diapers.com is convenient. We used the newborn Pampers Swaddler diapers for the first month, then Sabrina ...

Parenting Ink
Parenting Ink: How to Deal with a Colicky Baby: Post #2

By Melanie Diamond There's a great blanket called the Miracle Blanket; I'd buy two! I swaddled baby #2 for four months and it really helped. 5. Try smaller feeds more often: If your baby's gassy, try reducing the amount of milk and feeding more oft

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The Miracle Blanket

The very best investment my husband and I made was to buy four miracle blankets before our twins were born and they have come to the rescue for us.

My Bologna Plus 3
So Sleepy - Yes!

Our neverending appreciation goes out to Elissa and Jason (and Ian) for turning us onto (and lending us) the 2 things that help Dexter sleep like a baby: the swing and the miracle blanket.

The Suels
Mr. Wonderful

tried and true mom must haves. aden and anais swaddling blankets • quick zip sheets crib or twin- LIFE SAVERS! the MIRACLE blanket • dr. smiths- the BEST diaper rash cream • dynamic art frames for your picasso • boppy • itzbeen ...

My Charming Kids
3 million

I just ordered my daughter a Miracle Blanket for my grandbaby (due Jan 25th). You sold me on it and it sure made me wish they were around when I had my four babies. Congrats on the 3 mil mark, too! ...

Blogging for Two
Stuff that's Working

Miracle Blanket - speaking of Gwen's sleep, there wouldn't have been any of that for the first seven months of her life if not for this blanket. They call it 'miracle' for a reason. We were pretty sure we'd be swaddling her until her ...

Jake & Elisa Taylor Family
Jake & Elisa Taylor Family: December Milestones

Speaking of the swaddle blanket or miracle blanket: can I just say that I highly recommend it? I'm going to preface this next statement by saying that I'm aware that Bella could shift on me at any time (please, don't sweetie), ...

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HORNE – an Online Boutique for the Home

I truly believe it to be a miracle blanket -- it kept me cool during hot summer nights when we were living in Santa Barbara and then warm during cold winter nights here in the East Coast. I really did not want to replace it so Alissa ...

The Bump
Swaddling...force it?

I am a big fan of the Miracle Blanket, and I know it is the only reason DD STTN at 4.5 weeks ( and never stopped). The startle reflex is a PITA, and will wake them every time. Try it again. It may take a few days to get him accustomed ...

Blanket My Baby Blog
Blanket My Baby Blog » An Everyday Parent’s Advice for Buying the ...

An Everyday Parent’s Advice for Buying the Perfect Baby Blanket - Why is it called the Miracle Blanket? Because with it, you might actually get some sleep - now that would be a MIRACLE! If your baby gets a good nights sleep, then so will you.

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LIFE with LILY and ANNA: Welcome Abigail and Elizabeth!

My Parenting Guru (Dr. Rene Hackney) • DC Urban Moms • DC Baby (and blog) • Our Kids • Kangaroo Korner Pouch • Hooter Hiders (nursing cover) • Miracle Blanket (your source for sleep) • GREAT Children's Clothes • MORE Great Children's

Meet Maximus
Worth the Wait: Zoo Wildlights

The Miracle Blanket Makes One More Appearance • Sleepover • Family Pic • Meet Jett • Jumper...huh? Go Bucks! Marked by Promise • Moses Days Are Over • Road Trip • ? August (8). Adoption Poem • Rollover Rollover • Cereal Mess! ...

Kyra Chris
Love of Life: Two Good

But he is getting rather big for his current swaddle, so we are going to try out the "Miracle Blanket" which got rave reviews on amazon.com (one woman claimed her son slept through the night instantly). I'll let you know how it works. ...

Life with the Lyngs
Life with the Lyngs: $25.00 Gift Card at The Baby's Room -- FREE!

But The Miracle Blanket kept her snug as a bug, and she slept well through the night from the time she was just a few weeks old. I know I plan to use it again for Baby Number 2. It's a little pricey, running at around $30 each, ...

The Many Tales of Amelia Jane
The Many Tales of Amelia Jane: Dear Santa

Our couldn't-live-without-it things. Only if you want to sleep • Seventh Generation non-toxic cleaners • Born Free Bottles--BPA Free! The Best $20 you can spend on new parents • The (Really It's A) Miracle Blanket ...

Advice Smackdown
What To Do With a Baby Who Won't Sleep On His Back? : Advice ...

For us the MIRACLE BLANKET was the magic solution to this problem. Our baby slept so well with his miracle blanket - 10 to 12 hours by the time he was 3 months old. He's just (at 4.5 months) learned to roll over, so we have to stop ...

Barnabas Monkeypants
What We’ve Learned: Week 17

This may mean the impending doom of some sleepless nights as he adjusts to life without our beloved Miracle Blanket. We learned that when you’re holding a baby, you’re no longer considered insane if you talk to yourself. ...

Shana's Blog
Still Swaddled

This will have to stop soon since she is getting too tall to fit into her Miracle Blanket. We really swear by this swaddle blanket, and we have not figured out what we are going to do without it.

The Hoeppner's
Just our luck

This was a miracle blanket for us. Nolan had really bad startle reflexes and this was the only way he could sleep. We decided last night was the night. Boy we picked a great night to try this, here's a breakdown of my night. ...

A Miracle, Indeed!

We have entered a new phase in our little Sydney's sleeping life thanks to a tip from Julie (my sister's sister-in-law) on the Amazing Miracle Blanket. I ordered it from Target (with a gift card, yay!) and I kept telling Brian that our ...

Selitto News
Recent Pics and Growing Up

Here she is all swaddled up in the miracle blanket. Doesn't she look so comfy and cozy? This blanket was a lifesaver. It helped her to sleep and us too. :) This is Miriam in the process of growing up. One night we found her mostly out ... Mimi TV -

MBSwaddler says "The most valuable thing we own!"

The Miracle Blanket works wonderfully! My wife and I were at our wits end lacking sleep. Our pediatrician recommended the Miracle Blanket. The day after we received the blanket was the first day my wife, our baby son and I felt rested. ... Reviews a

Tim and Fee
Sleeping Beauty

Then we swaddle her (still loving the miracle blanket) and put her to bed. Sometimes she sleeps straight away, sometimes there is still “shushing” (literally saying shush a few times as she lies in the crib) to be done. ... timandfee

Geek Mom
Geek Mom’s Top Ten Must-have Newborn Items

Miracle Blanket: Swaddling is another essential skill to learn to learn with newborns. The problem is that it is hard to find blankets big enough to properly swaddle a baby and the “Swaddlers” they sell at stores really don’t wrap them ...

New Mom Kim
Hint #2: The Miracle Blanket

The receiving blankets, sleep sacks, wearable blankets, etc., that are used for swaddling are nothing compared to the Miracle Blanket. It reduced fussiness, helped Anderson sleep longer, and kept him on his back (don’t forget to keep ... New Moms

Accidental Mommies
What's That Smell?

Virtual Baby Shower - Week 4 Winners & Shine to Go Winners By Kim The winners of Week 4 of the Virtual Baby Shower are as follows: Dressy Dribbles - Miracle Blanket - Virtual Baby Shower Giveaway The winner is comment #26: Cindi! Critter

The Mekhail Family
Check Up

We have this special swaddling blanket called the Miracle Blanket and up until about 3 weeks ago we've been using it wrong! Ha! I was talking to a fellow mom who was telling me about how she used it and I was like, "Uhhhhhh, ...

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Loving Each Day

I just wanted to thank you for your miracle blanket tip. I ordered two and they just arrived in the mail this past week. I love the colours (I got the blue/green ones) and I can't wait to try them out! ...

Baby and Toddler Examiner
From front to back: How your baby sleeps

There are special blankets that can help, such as the Miracle Blanket, which wraps your baby up tight like a burrito making it more difficult for your ...

Notes from the Burrow
Thankful Thursday

1. Inventor of Epidural...want to kiss him! 2. My own mattress. 3. Midwifes and great nurses. 4. Miracle blanket. 5. All my blessings.

Parmentar Parenting
How did I not know about this???

So I stopped. After hearing about the Miracle Blanket (thanks Katy and Leah) I ordered two. My girls have slept almost six hours the last three nights! They had been at three max prior to the magical blanket. I think I am in heaven!!!

Now what do you think about that? -

Her baby is fussy. She stays up all night. After using this blanket, the baby is calm, and actually sleeps through the night! What a great gift Miracle Blanket has given my cousin. She now shows all her friends how the blanket works. ...

Blake and Meichelle Johnson
The Miracle Blanket

Check out my other blog to see our newest giveaway. The Miracle Blanket! Oh... and check back here for my latest runway show pictures!! The Johnsons -

Pink Morning
twelve weeks and today's events...

last night our princess slept twelve hours straight. it was amazing. i can't say enough good things about that miracle blanket. we put her to bed just before seven last night and she slept until quarter to seven this morning. i can't ...

La Tartine Gourmande
Comment on New Life by matt wright

Seriously though, congratulations. My little boy is nearly 2, and it has been the most amazing, crazy, insane and incredible 2 years of my life. It seriously doesn’t get any better. Get some sleep. Buy a Miracle Blanket. life is very, ...

Mick and Caitlin
The calm before the storm

He seems to prefer sleeping next to me (co-sleeping opponents: please keep your opinions to yourself :) ) However, last night we used the "miracle blanket," swaddled Cash tight, and voila, he fell asleep for five whole hours in the ...

NY Galin Steeler Land
Breastmilk, schedule and other random topics

They are swaddled in a miracle blanket(love those things!), placed in a sleep positioner so they each have their own space. For naps, they arent swaddled so sometimes they snuggle. It is too cute. Are they breastfed? ...

Barnabas Monkey Pants
Buy This! No, Buy That!

One example is the Miracle Blanket, a swaddling blanket that has made Henry a champion sleeper practically from day one. It’s something that I would recommend to every parent (and I do). Another example is baby carriers. ...

Mommy Vomit Pants
Newly Pregnant? I Have Some Suggestions For You!!

The Miracle Blanket . I can't say enough good things about this blanket. It takes all the guesswork out of swaddling and I credit it with plenty of good nights sleep. You can visit their website, here. Actually, forget about when you ...

Violet Emilee
A Day in the Life -

I slept really well with my new Miracle Blanket last night and that made mommy and daddy very happy! Today I ran errands with mommy and dirtied more diapers than necessary - it's my special talent! Good thing we have a good washing ...

The Spotts Blog
My How Things Change

Take one cute, tiny purse when you go out consisting of wallet, phone, lipstick instead of a suitcase full of diapers, wipes, miracle blanket, hooter hider, wallet, pacis, back up pacis, blanket, change of clothes in case of blowout,

Jen and Jay
Despite the Best Laid Plans

Granted it is in the swing, swaddled in a Miracle Blanket with white noise playing, but it is sleep. We have established a simple bedtime routine of a bath and bottle during the 8 o'clock hour, and we try to keep her up at all costs ... Despite the

Bedding & Bath
Miracle Blanket Solid Pink

Help your baby sleep better than you ever imagined with this 100% cotton knit Miracle Blanket.The Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark! Your baby will sleep better, longer and will be ...

Human Unit
It only took six and a half weeks... But here's the first of I ...

We even invested in the "Miracle Blanket," a/k/a baby straightjacket. Not that you don't absolutely hate the thing, and spend a long time struggling and screeching, but once you're in it and asleep, zomg...heaven! ...

Despite the Best Laid Plans...
7 Weeks

Granted it is in the swing, swaddled in a Miracle Blanket with white noise playing, but it is sleep. We have established a simple bedtime routine of a bath and bottle during the 8 o'clock hour, and we try to keep her up at all costs ...

The Cole Family
Our week in pictures

We were right, he loved testing out the Bumbo. Timmy with Sam. Timmy sleeps in his Miracle Blanket every night. It is amazing how much better he sleeps when he's swaddled in this blanket. Here he is getting ready for bed. Ready for bed! ...

The Peters Kids
I'm a Lucky Gal

His Mom forgot to put his Miracle Blanket in his diaper bag. Naps don’t go well without his Miracle Blanket. But, because I work in the best environment EVER, we were able to navigate through naptime this way: ...

Albrecht Household
Sucking the Paci?

The miracle blanket is also a true miracle and Mr. Houdini has not managed to wiggle himself out yet. We'll see what tonight brings. Did I mention that the big boy is sleeping in his crib at grandma's and grandpa's. ...

Katie and Scotts
Keeping up with the Joneses

She has a Miracle Blanket which truly is a miracle. She is sleeping between 2.5 and 4.5 hours at a stretch now. When she wakes in the am (between 5 and 6am) she has a hard time going back down, but usually will for a little while. ...

The Cliffords
Trying it all

She would always manage to get her hands loose and then her constant hand jerking always woke her up. So, I finally broke down and spent the $26 for a miracle blanket. I always thought $26 for a blanket was ridiculous. ...

Does Mommy Love it
Website Wednesday- Spirit Clips

Mommy loves it! The Miracle Blanket makes swaddling both easy and wiggle-free proof! If you go to the website you will be able to watch a video of how it works. This is by far the best swaddling blanket I have ever used! At $25-30 (depending wher

Parent Helper
Baby Gifts How To Make Yours The One They Remember

Create a "Sleep Like a Baby" care package with a soft baby blanket or lovey, a white noise CD (vacuum sounds are great!) and a Miracle Blanket (for easy swaddling). Or transform a simple baby book into a "Remembering the Moment" gift ...

Housekeeping Not Involving My House

I thought the two Miracle Blankets we received as gifts (thank you Michael and Amy!!) would be enough but now! I know! You can never have enough Miracle Blankets! Miracle Blankets are a gift from God himself! The gift of sleep and silence and showers

The Keese Family
3 Months...no longer a newborn

We use this fantastic blanket called the Amazing Miracle Blanket, and he just can't get a good night's sleep without it. I am not sure when I need to stop swaddling him, but as for this moment he is unable to sleep without it. ...

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