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Baby Comfy Nose

Baby Comfy Nose
This nasal aspirator is more comfortable than any other, and uses regular facial tissue as a filter so that you never need to buy a filter.

Reviewed By: Debra Lowrey, Familylicious Reviews Blog

I started thinking about all the baby products I just canít live without and one kept popping into my mind. BabyComfyNose. It might be because weíre in Cold and Flu season and my kids seem to stay sick the entire season with only small intervals of clear noses. It may be because of all the nose suckers I have used it is by far the best. Or perhaps itís the overall quality of life it gives us all when you use it. My poor little one got his first cold when he was only three weeks old. Try as I might to keep my children separated I was no match for the germs and a very loving and well intentioned two year old sister. With my son being so young it was not only his stuffy runny nose being an issue it was the fact that with that stuffy runny nose he couldnít eat. So I started looking for solutions. I went through three different bulb suckers none of which worked. I bought an electronic nose sucker it worked a little but didnít have the suction needed to really work. I found BabyComfyNose or it found me. On my quest for the perfect nose sucker BabyComfyNose popped up in an email. I immediately bought one. It works so well I am in awe. My son was able to eat. His nose was clear and he didnít mind the BabyComfyNose as much as the other nose suckers. Some other reasons why I like BabyComfyNose? There is no need to purchase filters. You can just use a regular facial tissue inside the aspirator. It is very easy to clean it comes with a mesh bag that is perfect for air drying and it is inexpensive and actually works. Whatís not to love?
Price: $14.95
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Tissue filter instead of foam rubber
Mesh pouch for hygienic drying

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