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Shower Hug

Shower Hug

For many Moms, their only “me-time” in a day is their time spent showering. We believe that showers are a time to cleanse the body and renew the spirit. They are about rituals.  They are about relaxation.  They are a mini “time-out” and sore boobs should not get in the way of Mom’s precious alone time!

The Shower Hug is a therapeutic breast wrap designed to make showers a time of serenity and renewal for pregnant and breastfeeding moms who experience breast tenderness.  Worn while showering, the Shower Hug provides:

  • gentle bust line support for heavy & engorged breasts (particularly important when breast milk first comes in and when weaning!!)
  • a soft barrier between Mom’s delicate breast tissue and pelting shower streams
  • protection from harsh ingredients in toiletries
  • a soothing warm compress effect to ease engorgement, plugged milk ducts and pain associated with mastitis.

Mom may also wear her Shower Hug outside of the shower to hold therapeutic warm or cool packs with hands free convenience, and it is the perfect breast support to sleep in! It is nonrestrictive, super soft, absorbent and easy to nurse baby while wearing.


Other incredible uses for the Shower Hug include:

  • perfect for wear during water birthing
  • comforts, protects & supports C-section tummies
  • eases cyclical breast pain & mastalgia
  • soothes breast pain related to breast cancer treatment & breast surgery recovery


The Shower Hug is made of an incredibly soft, double-sided knit terry velour. It is stretchy, absorbent and lightweight. It is the perfect fabric for wear in the shower, and it won’t get heavy or sag when wet. The Shower Hug stays in place without the use of shoulder straps, which means that there is no weight pulling on Mom’s shoulders or uncomfortable “digging in” of straps. We also provided an ample 4” Velcro closure to provide for size adjustability and to allow Mom to obtain her ideal fit and level of support over the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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