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Expert Advice - Stephanie Gallagher

We are privileged to have author Stephanie Gallagher contribute to our website and share some of what’s being called “an essential cheat sheet for the twenty-first century mom.” In her book, “The Gallagher Guide to the Baby Years: The Real Moms' Survey of Top-Rated Products and Advice,” Gallagher shares the straight skinny on anything and everything to do with pregnancy and motherhood as she discovered by interviewing 194 moms and doctor-moms from around the world. In her kind, friendly, heart-to-heart manner, Gallagher imparts this pooled clever “mommy” know-how—ranked, rated and ready to use-- offering product ratings, brand recommendations (one of which is, of course, The Amazing Miracle Blanket!) and advice that’s been tested in the trenches.

If you’re left wanting more after you read the selection we’ve chosen, we have provided the link to her book below.

Stephanie Gallagher is a mother of two, an author, editor and award-winning journalist whose articles have appeared in such magazines as Redbook, McCall's, and Woman's World. Based in Maryland, she is the publisher of Sound Bite Press and author of Money Secrets the Pros Don't Want You to Know, Fabulous Bargains, and The Everything Baby Resource Guide.

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More information is available on Stephanie Gallagher's website:

Thousands of Testimonials!

Professional Testimonial: Jill L. Reyes - Certified Doula - AZ

Each time I do a postpartum visit with one of my clients, I show them a miracle blanket and explain how it can be of immense help to their baby AND them to help them sleep. Since I do postpartum visits between week one and two after the birth, the parents at this point are almost always more than interested to discover something to help aid the baby's and their sleep.
Only once did I have a client give me back the sample blanket. They didn't think it was effective. I happily took it back and told them I was sorry that it did not seem to work. Well, guess what? Within a week, they called and said they definitely wanted it back! They hadn't given it enough time to determine whether or not it would work. Once they did, they knew they had to have it.
While doing a postpartum visit one week after the birth of another couple's baby, I observed her crying non-stop. She apparently had a period during each evening where she was just inconsolable, which is the tale tell sign of colic. I always carry a sample Miracle Blanket with me, so I suggested we give it a try. We wrapped her up, started "Shhhhhhhing her" and within a couple of minutes or less, she stopped crying and fell immediately to sleep! The parents gave me the biggest, albeit tired, smiles and thanked me profusely for turning them on to the Miracle Blanket.
I never go to my client visits without a miracle blanket for swaddling with me, so the parents can try one out, for free, for a few days prior to making the decision to buy one or not. It has never failed and not once have I gotten an unsatisfied client.
I Thank You for the parents this blanket has helped, as well as giving me one more "trick of the trade" to use as a doula!
Jill L. Reyes, CD
Tucson, Az
Desert Doula Birth and Postpartum Services

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Customer Testimonial: Kelly Baker
Our daughter has really bad reflux and colic. She cried CONSANTLY! I read about the Miracle Blanket and thought it would be worth a try. My husband and we were willing to try ANYTHING! Our daughter has cried everyday all day for 9 weeks. I bought the blanket on 7/21/11, that night I wrapped her up in it and she slept for 9 hours!!!! I wish I would have known about this sooner. Our first daughter had reflux too and I would have used it for her too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone!!! Even if your baby doesn't have colic or reflux, this blanket IS the best!!!! Thank you for inventing this blanket!!!

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