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Millions of Well-Rested Babies Can't Be Wrong:

  • Stops Colic - GUARANTEED!
  • Eases Fussiness For ANY Baby!
  • Helps Baby Sleep Better/Longer!
  • Prevents Facial Scratches!
  • Stops Twitches That Wake Your Baby!
  • Makes Breast Feeding MUCH Easier!
  • Makes Your Baby Feel Warm & Secure!
  • One Size Fits All Up to Fourteen Weeks
  • 100% High Quality Cotton

  • 100% LIFETIME Guarantee: Click Here!

Recommended By Hundreds of Medical Professionals:

The Miracle Blanket is used and recommended by hundreds of pediatricians, doulas, nurses, birth professionals and many hospitals. Here are just a few:
  • The Pediatric Association, PA
  • Kaiser Permanente, TX
  • St. Lukes Hospital, MO
  • St. Judes Hospital, CA
  • Dominican Santa Cruz, CA
  • Baylor University Med Ctr, TX
  • Clark Memorial Hospital, IN
  • Rogue Valley Medical Center, OR
  • Martha's Vineyard Hospital, MA
  • Yuma Regional Medical Center, AZ
  • Kaweah Delta Hospital, CA
  • Huntington Hospital, CA
  • Cape Canaveral Hospital, FL
  • Duke University Health System, NC

Professional Testimonial: Dr. Smith - AZ
I strongly feel that the Miracle Blanket needs to be marketed to expectant parents everywhere so that the blanket could be used right from the start. The swaddled baby who sleeps better in the first several months will be on an easier path to good, long sleep after that and the Miracle Blanket helps in that respect. You should somehow make the Miracle Blanket available to be purchased in post-partum units of hospitals - maybe make post-partum nurses familiar with them through their professional organizations? They are always trying to teach new parents how to swaddle an infant, so this seems like a natural place for your blanket. And the Miracle Blanket should be on every new mom's registry list!

Click here to see many, many more professional testimonials.

Customer Testimonial: K. Lewis
I have been swaddling with the miracle blanket since my son was a newborn. It has been awesome and he relaxes/coos at the mere sight of it and goes to sleep. We use it just when he sleeps. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Wish I had known about it with my first two kiddos! It's now the baby gift of choice!

Click here to see many, many more customer testimonials.

Why Swaddle Your Baby?

  • Every parent is taught to swaddle...
  • Research shows the benefits of swaddling...
  • Swaddled babies sleep better and longer...
  • Trusted books extol the virtues of swaddling...
  • Swaddling helps fussy babies sleep better...
  • Swaddling helps your baby sleep on their back...

So why isn't everyone swaddling their babies?

Our survey shows that 98% of parents who want to swaddle don't for one of these 3 reasons:

  1. It's too difficult to keep the baby swaddled for more than a few minutes;
  2. Our baby grew too big for the receiving blankets - within a couple weeks!
  3. Our baby slept through the night from day one, and is happy all the time.

If you fall into category #3 ... CONGRATULATIONS!
For the rest of us, there is a wonderful new solution to an age-old problem:
The Miracle Blanket!

Recommended Age For Swaddling: 0-14 weeks.

Announcing the latest addition to the MiracleGear line!

Maternal Whispers and Raindreams CDs are one-of-a-kind
recordings guaranteed to help your baby sleep longer
and better than ever before, especially when used
with the Miracle Blanket.

Click here for more information.


Shower Hug

Shower Hug

The Shower Hug is a therapeutic breast wrap designed to make showers a time of serenity and renewal for pregnant and breastfeeding moms who experience breast tenderness.

Mom may also wear her Shower Hug outside of the shower to hold therapeutic warm or cool packs with hands free convenience, and it is the perfect breast support to sleep in! It is nonrestrictive, super soft, absorbent and easy to nurse baby while wearing.

The Shower Hug stays in place without the use of shoulder straps, which means that there is no weight pulling on Mom’s shoulders or uncomfortable “digging in” of straps.

Ava the Elephant

Ava the Elephant

Children's medicine dispenser

Ava the Elephant is a must-have if your baby is resistant to taking important medicine. Simply fill the dispenser with any type of liquid medicine and reinsert so that the dispenser now becomes Ava's Trunk. Press the button and Ava says, "1, 2, 3 Open Wide! Good Job" and you dispense the medicine into your child's mouth!

Getting kids to take their medicine has never been easier!

Baby Comfy Nose

Baby Comfy Nose
This nasal aspirator is more comfortable than any other, and uses regular facial tissue as a filter so that you never need to buy a filter.

Truly a "better snot sucker", the Baby Comfy Nose puts bulb syringes to shame.

Unlike the competition, no special filter is needed: Just regular facial tissue!

Baby Dipper Bowl

Baby Dipper Bowl
The triangular-shaped Baby Dipper bowl enables one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding easy for toddlers making mealtime a fun and clean experience for all.

Kaboost Portable Chair Booster

Kaboost Portable Chair Booster
Instead of a "typical" booster chair, which sits on top of your dining chairs, the Kaboost attaches to the bottom of the chair. This is great because it makes little kids feel like big kids.

This durable and stable chair booster is available in several colors to best match your decor.

Mealtime with kids becomes more enjoyable for adults when it's more enjoyable for kids, and kids love the Kaboost!

Miracle Sounds Baby Sleep CDs

Miracle Sounds
Does your baby love to sleep in the car, soothed by the even noise of the engine? Combined with the rhythm of the windshield wipers in the rain, that's enough to knock out almost any baby.

Or perhaps your baby can be best soothed by the sounds she experienced in the womb - mother's heartbeat and circulatory sounds.

Now you can play these sounds continuously through the night without going broke paying for gas and without a stethoscope.

You'll be amazed at how well your baby sleeps, especially when you use these CDs in combination with the Miracle Blanket!

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