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My son is now 3 years old but when he was a baby, I always said, "he hates the swaddle," and I gave in to sleepless nights. I decided to give it one more shot with the miracle blanket and it seriously is amazing the difference it made. I would wrap him, hold him for about five minutes before putting him to bed and he would sleep for six hours at two months of age. I am a NICU nurse and I recommend this to all of my parents! I am on this site now to place an order for a colleague, also a NICU nurse. I know she will greatly appreciate it.

I have to thank miracle blanket. My son Is very colicky and will fuss through the night before falling asleep and then waking up every 2-3 hrs. After wrapping him up with micacle blanket he sept through for 6 hrs. I had to wake up to Check on him whether he is awake for his feeds. The next night he slept for 7 hrs. he is 3 mths 3 wks today, I still swaddle him.

Karen Turner PPD
Hello, I am a certified Postpartum Doula in Cumming Ga:) I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket!!! I recommend it to all of my clients and have bought some as baby gifts. If you want a good night sleep and you want your baby/babies to get the rest they truly need, this is the ONLY blanket that I recommend as both a mother and as a professional:) Thank you Miracle Blanket!!! If you need a Postpartum Doula in Atlanta area, please email me turners59@bellsouth.net.

I am a nanny, and I love the miracle blanket. It makes swaddling so easy. With regular blankets or other baby wraps I\'ve tried, the baby\'s arms wiggle around and move onto his chest, agitating him. The miracle blanket keeps his arms snug at his sides. The miracle blanket is my first step in creating a calm baby that\'s ready to sleep.

I am a foster parent. I have been using the miracle blanket for so long, I can't remember where i first heard about it. I often take new borns who were born drug exposed and as a result have a very hard time sleeping and often have tremors and jerks as they withdraw from the chemicles. The mircle blanket is truly a miracle. These special "precious" angels get a good nights sleep as well as me. I recommend it to everyone I know who is expecting as well as other foster parents who keep infants. As a matter of fact, I just got through showing this web site to one of my co-workers who is expecting and was inspired to do this testimonial. Thank you so much for this great product!

J Shepherd
I am a nurse practitioner. I frequently help new parents when they have a fussy baby. I always tell them about the miracle blanket.

Amy Stempkowski
We tried so many things to for our fussy baby and the Miracle Blanket was the only thing that worked. I recommend it to everyone!

Suzanne Tedrick
We first heard about the Miracle Blanket from a lady in the checkout at a grocery store. Our first baby was about four weeks old at the time. She said, "You have to get a Miracle Blanket". Being that we were getting only a few hours of sleep a night, we decided to try it, and ordered it that night. Our son loved it, and no longer would he startle at night and wake himself up. He started sleeping completely through the night at 10 weeks, with no feedings from 6pm until 5am. Now we're using it with our second son. He'll be fussy and crying and then immediately stop once he's in his blanket. It's part of our nap and bedtime routine, and he's obviously comforted to know he can be wrapped snugly and go to sleep. I'm planning to give this blanket away after our last child, so that more parents can get some sleep. I really think that parents should be made aware of these blankets from the labor/delivery nurses as swaddling a baby should be as routine as feeding and changing diapers. Thanks! Suzanne Tedrick, R.N., San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Abraham, RN, Team Leader
My baby is 3 weeks old and I have been struggling with whether to swaddle or not since the day I brought him home. I have been doing it off and on trying anything that seemed to work. Swaddling seemed to work better but he frequently wriggled out of the blanket and seemed to wake up frequently. I read about the Miracle Blanket on a website about baby sleep issues and decided to try it. I am SO glad that I did! What an amazing difference! He fussed for about 30 seconds after putting him in the blanket the first night and after only mild comforting he went to sleep in his crib for 5 straight hours! I had to wake him up to eat! Before the Miracle Blanket he had not slept more than 3 hours and would rarely sleep at all in his crib. Before the Miracle Blanket he would only sleep soundly on my chest in a recliner. Incidentally, I paid extra shipping to get my blanket quickly and it arrived on Christmas Eve, I woke up Christmas morning smiling and told my family that I had had "A Christmas Miracle"! Just wanted to say thanks for a great product! Jennifer Abraham, RN, Team Leader

Angela Duncan
I started using the Miracle Blanket with my son when he was 1 month old, and I only use it at night. After I put him in it, I start to feed him and it's like instant calm, contentment. He eats his fill and falls asleep. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 1 month old, when I started using his Miracle Blanket. We LOVE it!!

Teri Gibbons
We first bought the miracle blanket because my son was growing too big for swaddling in a receiving blanket. Now we use it with our daughter who can wriggle out of other swaddles. I cannot recommend swaddling strongly enough! My kids slept a minimum of 4 hours a night from day one because of it and I was quickly getting them to sleep 8-10 hours a night. It also helps to calm them when they can\'t calm themselves. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Becky B.
My sister gave my husband and I the miracle blanket that she received from a friend of hers after she had her baby! I kind of forgot about it after she was born until one night when our baby girl was about 6 weeks old and particularly fussy, my sister came over to help and asked me where the miracle blanket was! I knew right where it was and grabbed it. She showed me how to use it and we wrapped her in it and followed it up in the rocker with some sh...sh...sh... and she fell asleep! Not only that but that was the start of us being able to set her down after she fell asleep, something we were never able to do prior to that because she would inevitably wake herself up with her startle reflex! Now we use it when we put her down for her naps and at night to go to sleep and I truly believe she sleeps much more soundly. I just purchased one for a good friend of mine who is about to have her first baby. I\'m so excited to give it to her because it has helped us so much. Thanks!

To whom it may concern, Now that my daughter is one, we are no longer in need of her miracle blanket, however, it was truly a miracle when we did use it! I have recommended it to everyone! My niece is now using ours and sleeps great at night! I work for a pediatrician, and we keep one on hand to show and recommend to all new parents! Thanks again! Rebekah Flaherty

Your blanket is very appropriately named- it is a Miracle and a sanity saver. It was truly difficult, even with my husband's help, trying to swaddle our very kicky newborn after she got to be a few weeks old, and over 10 lbs. This was frustrating, especially (following Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby techniques) trying to swaddle her when fussy, and having to re-do the swaddle over and over as it loosened, let alone the 10+ times a day after every nap/feed. I thank you so much for a truly quality product! Dr. Wong

Suzy McNulty, MD
Sleep is such an important aspect of a baby's development and your product enables babies to maximize their sleep duration, thereby contributing to their development. I recommend your product to all my new moms to help with establishing good sleep patterns, especially if the baby is fussy/colicky. In addition, I was a MB user myself when my second daughter was a "high-maintenance" and colicky infant. Thank you for a wonderful product! Thanks, Suzy McNulty, MD Pediatrician and mother of two girls

Kelly - Foster Parent
I am a foster parent and have had four almost newborn babies in the past year and I truely love this blanket! I am so amazed how the babies sleep so much better and start sleeping through the night very soon after using it. I have told every new parent about these awesome blankets and tell every foster parent that has small ones that they need this too! I just bought one for another foster parent because she is getting a new baby and I truely believe that this blanket has been my sleep saver this past year! Thank you!

Erin Leach - Nanny
I have been a nanny for over ten years now, and am one of the biggest believers in swaddling you'll ever meet. After ten years, I'm quite the swaddling expert. My son is two months old now and had already become a swaddle Houdini -- I, of all people, couldn't keep him in the swaddle! So, with a litle bit of grumbling (after all, such a swaddling expert shouldn't need a "swaddling for dummies" blanket), I ordered a Miracle Blanket. First, the shipping was lightning fast. Second, the Miracle Blanket is an actual miracle. It's amazing! The first day I had it, my little boy slept for two and a half hours straight in the Pack N Play. The previous record had been 25 minutes. At two months, he's now consistently sleeping through the night, and I believe this is a direct result of using the MB. I'm a believer! Thanks for such an amazing, well designed product. Erin Leach Spring Hill, TN

The Greys
This blanket is a life saver! This blanket is by far the best swaddler I have seen as a pediatric nurse and a mom.

Dear Susan, Thank-you so very much for the sample of the miracle blanket and the coupons for my clients. I just had a couple try out the miracle blanket this last week and they ordered two the next day. I appreciate your product and generosity. Sincerely, Pam Napp CD, PCD (DONA)

Pam Napp CD, PCD (DONA)
Greetings! My name is Pam Napp and I am a certified birth and postpartum doula with DONA. I have been recommending your Miracle Blanket to all my clients for the past year or so. It is a fantastic parenting tool and I love using them in my postpartum work. Every time a parent actually tries the blanket, they order at least one, often times two blankets. Sincerely, Pam Napp CD, PCD (DONA)

Name Withheld
I am an operation Special Delivery doula and CAPPA childbirth educator. I requested a free sample and received one from you. I am trying it out with my newborn and LOVE IT, so decided to get a few more to have handy in case one or more needs laundering.

Dr. Seth Pearl - Pediatric Chiropractor
We all know how important sleep is for our young ones. Sleep helps build and rebuild our bodies. This product helps our infants sleep more comfortably. This in turn allows their bodies to develop to it's own optimal potential. I am sure once you try the Miracle Blanket you will see for yourself how your infant responds to it. Our 3 1/2 month old has been sleeping in it since about birth. Her sleep is incredible. She just slept through the night the last two nights and I'm sure there is more to come (knock on wood) :)

Joan Levy, EdS, MSN, RN
I hope I am thanking you again (and that I have not been remiss in letting you know how much we appreciate your help) for the sample blankets you sent to us here at Duke. This blanket is displayed many times per month in classes as we discuss swaddling. Just this morning, during our Motherhood class, our pediatrician used one to demonstrate how to snugly swaddle an infant. We use them in our Baby Care (3 times/month) and Pediatric Pointers (bimonthly) classes as a demonstration tool. Hope you are getting lots of orders for this blanket through the website (which we put on the white board). Joan Levy, EdS, MSN, RN Nurse Clinician - Patient, Family and Community Education Duke University Health System

Danielle Smith, RN
I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, so I am skeptical about alot of when it comes to my baby. I make no decisions regarding him without the proper research. So when my newborn's fussiness seemed to become so heightened that he would constantly wake himself up, he would turn him into a tired fussy baby. I was beside myself. As a first time mother I was frustrated and so was he! I also felt like a failure when I was unable to console him. I would try the five "S's" but could never really get pass the most important step of swaddling, being that he was born nine pounds and three ounces and he was really strong. It was really hard to swaddle him with conventional blankets because he would break out of them. After one night of no sleep, due to his fussiness, I was convinced that something was wrong with him, and called my pediatrician, who recommended the blanket. I ordered it the same day, and after two days of getting him used to it, he now loves it. He will be three months on 3/29, and I have used his blanket every single day since we have received it. He actually has two, in case one is dirty. He looks forward to it to help him sleep. Now when he gets fussy I just wrap him in his blanket and he instantly calms down and goes to sleep. He totally looks forward to getting in his blanket. I would recommend this blanket to every parent - it is my new baby shower gift.

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