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The One and Only –

    The Miracle Blanket!

                          US Patent 6868566 A1

                          WTO Patent PCT/US2003/023486



WARNING: Watch out for dangerous copy-cats!!



It has recently come to our attention that some uninformed individuals have attempted to copy what they perceive to be a simple, basic design (The Miracle Blanket). Every inch of the Miracle Blanket was designed through years of exhaustive research and testing.


A little competition doesn't bother us, but people creating safety hazards for babies with inferior designs definitely does bother us.


In order to make cheaper blankets, these people have made, in some cases, what seem to be subtle changes to the design of a swaddling blanket. Unfortunately, these changes can limit effectiveness and quite possibly be dangerous.


It is sad that, without proper research and development, these companies are trying to duplicate our success by using designs that we've already created, tested, and ABANDONED due to several reasons. Below is a list of what to watch out for:



Safety Concerns:

Too much fabric- Larger blankets allow for too many redundant folds that may bunch and cause discomfort. The size of the Miracle Blanket is exactly the size needed to accomplish its purpose and not an inch extra. The special shape of the blankets puts every square inch where it is needed. Extra fabric has no place in a crib.


Hoods- Hoods on a blanket are one more hazard to avoid with regard to overheating. It can also cause the baby to root for a food source when they are groggy, thereby waking them up. Hoods are for cold, outside weather.


VELCRO- It seems like a good idea - it's the easy and cheap way out - but babies can eventually get loose from any blanket. We have heard numerous reports of the less expensive blankets causing very uncomfortable scratches and abrasions on arms, faces and legs of babies who struggle against the Velcro closures.


Made for use in car seats- If you immobilize a baby's arms inside a blanket then they will not extend through the sides of the six point harness. Our blanket can be used this way, as can any other, by leaving the feet out of the foot pocket; however we do not recommend this type of use because it is imperative that an infant car seat be used EXACTLY as recommended by the manufacturer- arms extending through the sides of the harness.


Multiple blankets (or "blanket inside of a blanket")- Overheating has been accepted as a serious danger. If a baby needs to be warmer, then simply put more snug-fitting baby clothes on the baby; DO NOT USE THICKER, LARGER MULTI-LAYERED BLANKETS!



Functional Problems:

Small symmetrical blankets- In order to decrease production costs, many blankets are being marketed that do not have the long "arms" like the Miracle Blanket. These arms are patented and they are essential to make a blanket that creates a "TRUE" conforming swaddle, the longer arms also use a lot of fabric and cause a lot of production waste. So in order to sell a blanket for $10.00 to $12.00, it is not possible to have the shape that is necessary for a perfect swaddle. This small design is what often makes Velcro necessary. 


No internal arm restraint- While it is true that babies move their arms a lot, it is also true that they do not have much, if any, control over those movements. A baby that is trying to sleep is "begging" to have those arms held still so they don't wake themselves. But without internal restraint their arms are free to move and twitch over their chest. This makes it difficult for a baby to stay asleep during active sleep.

Velcro is loud- We have heard from hundreds of parents who didn't have a serious problem with Velcro per se, but whenever they needed to take their baby out for a diaper change, the sound of the "ripping" Velcro startled the baby awake. As you can imagine, they all expressed great frustration with this.


No Foot Pocket- Many people choose not to use our foot pocket for various reasons; however, most of our customers feel it makes the baby more comfortable. The Miracle Blanket is designed to work equally well whether you use the pocket or not - it's nice to have the option.


The Miracle Blanket is now used around the world by countless thousands of parents, hospitals, pediatricians, mid-wives, nannies, Doulas, NICU nurses, Maternity Ward Nurses, day care facilities, etc. It boasts a 95% plus effectiveness in helping fussy babies sleep. Over 13,000 babies have tested the Miracle Blanket and they all seem to agree that is pretty darn perfect. The bottom line is these other individuals have not done their homework. Go with the name you can trust: The one and only, the original, The Miracle Blanket.

Thousands of Testimonials!

Professional Testimonial: The Traveling Nannie (name withheld)

I am a traveling nanny and work with many newborn babis. While I have no problem swaddling a baby with a receiving blanket, parents often had trouble duplicating. They would get very frustrated as the baby wiggled out of their "masterpiece" within minutes! Finally, I started buying the Miracle Blanket for them as a welcome gift. For the first time parents could get the perfect swaddle immediately and the baby snuggled happily for longer sleep. I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket for any parent expecting a newborn.

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Customer Testimonial: The Shields
I received the Miracle Blanket at a baby shower as a gift along with a couple other "swaddling" blankets. At first, I didn't use the Miracle Blanket because I thought it looked too complicated. But when my daughter kept waking up crying inconsolably because her arms came out of the other blankets, I decided to give the Miracle Blanket a try. There was no comparison! The Miracle Blanket has made our lives so much easier in the form of a happy, well-rested child. I will buy one for every expectant mother I know.

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Note: Any unauthorized reproduction of this product, in whole or part, will result in legal action.  


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