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Miracle Sounds: Maternal Whispers CD

Miracle Sounds: Maternal Whispers CD
Like everything at Miracle Blanket® and Miracle Gear®, Maternal Whispers is – bar none - the best product of its kind to help your baby sleep better. This is easily the best baby sleep CD on the market. After extensively researching sleep CDs to partner with and sell along side the Miracle Blanket we found that nothing met our high standards of effectiveness when it came to helping babies sleep, so we decided to spend the time and money it took to create our own.

Maternal Whispers is the only baby sleep CD that actually mimics what a baby hears in the womb. Other CDs claim to use “rhythmic womb sounds”. But they are actually recordings of an ultrasound machine in a doctor's office - hardly something familiar-sounding to a baby! You can verify this by listening to the heart beats on a typical baby sleep CD: the rhythm you will hear is a baby’s heartbeat, NOT a mother’s ... and this makes a big difference! The pulse and blood flow of the mother (the sounds the baby is most used to hearing) remain perfectly steady throughout, for 72 minutes, giving your baby a rhythmic and familiar sound to sleep to.

When used in conjunction with the Miracle Blanket, this CD will provide your baby a more peaceful sleep environment than ever thought possible, and it will give you more needed sleep than you ever imagined you could get with a newborn.

You can set Maternal Whispers® to play just once to let your baby drift off into a peaceful sleep, or you can set your CD player to "repeat" and allow it to keep your baby company throughout the night.
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